Dmitri Slepovitch | Part-Time Lecturer | The New School for Public Engagement
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    Dmitri Slepovitch

    Part-Time Lecturer

    PhD, Belarus State Academy of Music

    Slepovitch, Dimitri

    Dmitri Zisl Slepovitch teaches seminars in Jewish studies and Yiddish music worldwide, including BIMA at Brandeis U and U of Michigan; Jewish music researcher, educator, composer, singer, and musician (clarinet, saxophone, keyboards, conducting); founder and leader of Litvakus (NYC) and Minsker Kapelye (Minsk, Belarus). has served as musical consultant and music director at the National Yiddish Theatre – Folksbiene; performed and arranged music for productions at The Folksbiene, Montclair State U., and Harvard Yiddish Players, as well as films ( Defiance and The Burning Land ); wrote original scores for theater pieces, films, and games.