Diane Mitchell - Associate Professor of Media Studies
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    Diane Mitchell

    Associate Professor of Media Studies

    Office Location:

    79 Fifth Avenue


    Diane Mitchell is an interdisciplinary media artist whose work has been collected and exhibited by museums, galleries and private collectorsin the United States, Europe, and Asia. She is the recipient of grants from National Endowment for the Arts and New York State Council of the Arts for design advancement; New York Council of the Humanities and private foundations for public history presentations. She is a cofounder of Mitchell Gosar Fine Art, which creates fine art photography editions and photo-based art installations; currently directing The Temperament of Space art project, which develops immersive, responsive installations which offer participants a multi-sensory experience of their real space.

    Mitchell’s teaching and practice focus on the intersection of media design and design research. She has directed numerous award-winning projects -- integrating photography, graphics, animation, film and text -- for major corporations and non-profit clients.For the Millennials study Do More, Do Less, she researches the role of collaboration in inter-generational media design teams. She engages with students in developing design processes for media advocacy, branding, interaction design, and fine art experiences.


    Recent Publications:

    Recent Exhbitions

    The Temperament of Space
    Reversed Perception
    Double Exposure
    Elements III
    The Puzzle of Collective Aesthetics  
    Peaceable Paradox: views of China

    Research Interests:

    • Creating mediated experiences between people and their environment |
    • Media design processes |
    • Intermedia practices |
    • Cross-generational media practices