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    Marilyn Power

    Part Time Faculty

    PhD, UC Berkeley, 1977

    Marilyn Power is a part time faculty member at the New School and a tenured professor at Sarah Lawrence College, where she has taught since 1990. Her areas of teaching include environmental economics, macroeconomics, history of economic thought, and feminist economics.

    Courses Taught

    Political Economics of the Environment: Sustainable Development

    Recent Publications

    “Social Provisioning, Gender, and Economic Life,” in Deborah M. Figart and Tonia Warnecke, ed. Handbook of Research on Gender and Economic Life (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2013).
    “A Feminist Theory of Labor,” (co-authored with Deborah M. Figart and Ellen Mutari) in Bruce Kaufman, ed. Models of Labor Markets (Stanford U. Press, 2014).
    “Global Climate Policy and Climate Justice: a feminist social provisioning approach,” Challenge Jan/Feb 2009.

    Research Interests

    feminist political economics, ecological economics