Creative Arts Therapy FAQs | Bachelor's Program

Public Engagement


  • How long does it take to earn the certificate?

    The program could be completed in one full year (fall, spring, and summer terms); most students take it part-time and complete it in two years.

    I took the equivalent of the required psychology courses at another college. Do I still need to take them?

    No. With permission of the program director, you can substitute other psychology or related courses offered by The New School for Public Engagement.

    Must I be a professionally trained artist to enter the program?

    Not necessarily, but some college training or other demonstrated expertise in one of the arts modalities is usually required, as are at least two college courses in psychology. If you have experience as an artist but have never taken a psychology course, you must take an introduction to psychology course at The New School as one of your first courses after admission.

    When can I begin my fieldwork?

    After completing four courses in your area of concentration and the two required psychology courses.

    I'm interested in pursuing a master's degree in a related field. Can i transfer the certificate courses to a master's program?

    No. This is an undergraduate-level program, and all credits earned are undergraduate credits. However, having the certificate may enable you to receive advanced placement in a related master's program.

    Does this certificate allow me to work as a creative arts therapist?

    In the state of New York, only licensed professionals with a master's degree from a state-approved Creative Arts Therapy program can call themselves "creative arts therapists." Depending on their other credentials, our certificate holders typically find work in community service organizations, as teaching artists in schools, as social service agency consultants, etc. The certificate is strong preparation for advanced education leading to a professional license.

    Does this certificate lead to licensure?

    No. This certificate program does not lead to licensure and is not licensure eligible.

    Why doesn't The New School have job placement for this program?

    New School Career Services only supports graduates of degree programs. However, the Creative Arts and Health program office keeps a contact list of certificate holders and distributes job listings as they are provided by the program's many contacts.

    Can I sit in on a course before I apply?

    Prospective students are permitted to audit the first or second class meeting of any course without registering. Contact the program office in advance to obtain a pass:

    Can I speak to current students and/or certificate holders about the program?

    Come to The New School Open House held three times a year (see the next date in the right-side navigation). As part of that event, the program holds a Creative Arts and Health Expo at which graduates of the program present mini-workshops. They, as well as members of the faculty and staff will gladly answer your questions. Otherwise, contact the program director, Dr. Montello, about contacting current or former students.

    Is financial aid available for the certificate program?

    The New School does not offer financial aid for continuing education certificate programs. Sometimes students working in a related field obtain tuition assistance from their employers. If you are a veteran or active member of the U.S. armed forces, you may be able to obtain financial assistance from a veteran's administration program; contact the veteran's administration.

    I am an international student. Will admission to the Creative Arts and Health certificate program qualify me for a student visa?

    No. The certificate program by itself does not qualify for an F1 student visa. An international student can earn the certificate by taking the courses as part of an undergraduate degree program at The New School.

  • * This certificate program does not lead to licensure and is not licensure eligible.