Creative Arts & Health Curriculum | Bachelor's Program

Public Engagement


  • The Certificate in Creative Arts and Health* is awarded for successful completion nine courses, culminating in a clinical fieldwork experience, as outlined below.

    • Take two required psychology courses: Theories of Personality and Abnormal Psychology. (These courses are prerequisites for the clinical fieldwork.)
    • Choose a track: Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Drama Therapy, or Dance/Movement Therapy. Take four courses in your track, including the introduction training course (parts 1 and 2, if set up in two parts).
    • Take two elective courses from one or two of the other three tracks. Students are required to take courses in modalities other than their chosen track as a way of ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.
    • Take Creative Arts and Health Fieldwork: Minimum of 150 hours in a clinical facility under professional supervision with a concurrent seminar at The New School

    Descriptions and current school-year schedules for Creative Arts and Health courses can be viewed in the University Course Catalog. Certificate students must be admitted to the program before they register for classes. They cannot register online; they must register in person every term with a certificate registration form signed by the coordinator.

  • * This certificate program does not lead to licensure and is not licensure eligible.

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