Mona Shomali - Part-time Lecturer
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    Mona Shomali

    Part-time Lecturer


    Mona Shomali is an adjunct instructor of the International Affairs graduate program at the New School. She is also adjunct faculty for New York University and has taught Ethno-ecology at the New York Botanical Garden. Her area of specialty is international environmental policy; with a focus on human rights and resource conflicts in the South American Amazon rainforest, the geo-politics of extractive industries and climate change related natural disasters. Mona also speaks Farsi, Spanish and Portuguese.

    She has worked in the international environmental sector for approximately 15 years: in the capacity of NGO's, government entities, the private sector, and international institutions. She began her career working with community organizers as an assistant to the lead Environmental Scientist at the NGO Communities for a Better Environment in Oakland, California - in a campaign to hold refineries accountable for chemical leaks in low income neighborhoods. Under the guise of International field work, she began supervising environmental/sanitation projects in the Northeast interior of Brazil in collaboration with the state health ministry, Fundacao Nacional De Saude. In 2006 Mona joined an Ecuador- based NGO, the Center for Economic and Social Rights to work on the landmark case of the Sarayacu Indigenous peoples vs. the State of Ecuador, filed in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for state sanctioned resource exploitation on ancestral Sarayacu lands. The case was filed based on International Norms and legal precedents that protect indigenous peoples' right to "Prior Consultation/Previous Consent".

    As far as international advocacy, policy and research, Mona has served as an environmental policy analyst for Islands First, an NGO that lobbies the U.N. of behalf of small islands that face extinction due to climate change/sea level rise. She has also served as an environmental consultant for the private sector, and has contributed research to World Bank reports as a climate change researcher.

    Research Interests:

    • International Modalities of Ecosystem/Environmental Resource Management
    • Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples: The Right to Self Determination