Service Initiatives

Service Initiatives—projects designed to improve services provided to students, faculty, and staff—reflect our commitment to making the experience of studying or working at The New School a satisfying one. Everyone at The New School is a service provider and service user at some time, and all contribute to the quality of our service culture.

[+] Completed Initiatives (10)

University Calendar
Promoting and finding events on the university events calendar has never been easier. Our new, comprehensive calendar of university events can be personalized with a variety of filters, linked to your own online calendar, and connected to popular social media platforms.
Launched summer 2013

Pay Cards
Employees have a new option for receiving their pay. As an alternative to direct deposit, Bank of America debit cards offer a secure and convenient way to get paid, with immediate access to funds and no-fee ATM access.
Launched summer 2013

Contract Review
Eliminating full reviews of contract renewals or standard templates (approximately 200 annually) will streamline the contract review process.
Launched September 2013

Student Employment Office
With a streamlined review process in the General Counsel’s office, employees can now expect faster standard turnaround on contracts submitted for review.
Launched fall 2013

An App for That
A new Android and iOS app gives students fast, convenient access to course schedules, campus map, grades, and more.
Launched fall 2013

Online Quarterly Leave Reporting
Employees and supervisors are saving time and paper as a result of our new online system for quarterly leave reporting.
Launched fall 2013

Wireless Access
An upgrade to the wireless infrastructure has eliminated the need for multiple log-ons and allows for automatic log-on of users when they enter a New School wireless zone.
Launched spring 2014

Electronic Tuition Waiver Process
Employees are able to take advantage of The New School’s tuition waiver benefit with greater ease and efficiency through an online process that replaces the paper "Fee Waiver Voucher" with an electronic communication between HR and Student Financial Services.
Launched spring 2014

Staff Appreciation Reception
All staff were invited to a celebration in their honor in the new University Center.
Event was held on January 24, 2014

Staff Development Day
Our first Staff Development Day was a day of workshops, networking, and fun for all administrative staff at the university, hosted in the new University Center.
Event was held on March 25, 2014

[+] Better Use of Technology to Improve Service (3)

Many of our existing university processes can be improved through better access to technology and automation of paper-based processes. Here are some of the initiatives that are currently underway.

Electronic Time Sheets
Web-based time sheets for hourly workers, including student workers, will replace paper time sheets and streamline the approval process. Already in place for On Campus Student Employees; in planning for other hourly employees.
Initial launch was spring 2014; future launches in planning

[+] Improving Our Infrastructure to Improve Service (5)

Some of our major efforts to improve operations—and ultimately improve service—at The New School are not directly experienced by students, faculty, or most staff members on a daily basis. But these projects go a long way toward creating a university that is more efficient, better organized, and able to provide excellent service. The projects below are just a few examples of work that is planned or underway.

Data Warehouse
Providing a single source for data, the central data warehouse will enable timely and consistent analysis of trends and more informed decision making.

Remote Access to Network Files
Secure remote access to network drives will be provided to select employees, giving them a greater ability to work outside the office.
In planning

Telephone System Upgrades
Upgrading to an Internet-based phone system will eliminate maintenance issues related to the aging existing phone system.

The university is pleased to be implementing Workday, a comprehensive Web-based user-friendly Human Resource and Finance system projected to launch in  January 2016.
In planning

Document Management/Imaging
A central university-wide document management system will simplify access to documents while allowing them to be shared securely. It will also free up physical space that is currently occupied by filing cabinets filled with paper.
University Admission: fully live by January 2015

Registrar implementation begins December 2014

Other departments: in planning

[+] Improving our Culture of Service (2)

The New School’s service culture begins with our employees – more than 1,000 outstanding individuals with expertise, skills, and dedication. They take great pride in working for this institution and are an important part of our academic community. Here are some of the ways in which we are working to celebrate and support our employees and build our service culture together.

Staff Breakfasts with DVZ
To date, all current staff have either been invited to or attended a breakfast with David Van Zandt. The president will continue hosting these breakfasts quarterly as part of the extended onboarding program. The goal is to share ideas and talk openly about critical service issues that are important to staff.

Employee Wellness Program
We are working to promote a healthy employee community through a range of programs focusing on preventive medicine and raising awareness of health risks.
Launched September 2013

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