James Ro

JAMES RO/ School of Art and Design History and Theory [BFA Architectural Design ’10 BA/BFA ’11]

You recently completed a project with the Lower Manhattan Art Academy. What does that have to do with your Architectural Design studies?

ADHT [School of Art and Design History and Theory] classes offered perspective outside of my architecture studies—different approaches to design and different ways to talk about it. I took an ADHT collaborative studio called Learning Through Design, which included students from all backgrounds, such as psychology, English, and music. In Learning Through Design, we worked with a class of seniors from the Lower Manhattan Arts Academy, a program for New York City students who plan to study the arts in college. For our project, we designed a game where Manhattan high school students explored the concepts of place, space, and community, experiencing design thinking and collaboration in an intimate way. And because they used our lesson plans with students below them, “Routes and Homes” taught them what it's like to teach design.




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