The Undergraduate Experience

Parsons The New School for Design is bridging the art and design disciplines. Parsons undergraduate programs offer rigorous art and design education within an environment of cross-disciplinary collaboration.

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Student Voices

Alyssa Davis thumbnailAlyssa Davis

/ School of Design Strategies [BBA Design and Management '10]

"The program taught me that collaboration and studying problems from a broad perspective are critical, especially now that entrepreneurs have to think more ethically."

Justin Blinder thumbnailJustin Blinder

/ School of Art, Media, and Technology [BFA Design and Technology '12]

“At Parsons, I realized that innovation happens when creative people are given the skills to build compelling alternatives.”

Bryan Meador thumbnailBryan Meador

/ School of Art, Media, and Technology [BFA Communication Design '13]

“I'm glad I chose Parsons; it's been a huge force in my evolution.”

James Ro thumbnailJames Ro

/ School of Art and Design History and Theory [BFA Architectural Design '10 BA/BFA '11]

“We designed a game where Manhattan high school students explored the concepts of place, space, and community, experiencing design thinking and collaboration in an intimate way.”

Akalaksna Baenchantha thumbnailAkalaksna Baenchantha

/ School of Fashion [BFA Fashion Design '10]

“Teamwork was one of the most important things we learned on the Louis Vuittton project; it's how industry works.”

Mandissa Whittington thumbnailMandissa Whittington

/ School of Constructed Environments [BFA Architectural Design '10]

“Parsons shows that architecture isn't limited to buildings, and that it requires many layers of research.”

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