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Summer Scholarship Program

New York Session II only

Parsons offers a limited number of tuition-only scholarships for courses at the pre-college level. Scholarship recipients are introduced to Parsons and receive instruction in art and design that develops their skills and helps them gain admission to and advance in colleges of art and design. We seek applications from motivated students who for financial reasons would otherwise be unable to attend.

For high school students seeking financial aid, we encourage you to apply through Wishbone. Wishbone is a nonprofit organization that helps high school students with limited financial resources pursue their passion by enabling them to attend high-quality summer and after-school programs. 

To qualify for a Wishbone scholarship to attend Parsons' Summer Intensive Studies Program, you must apply to Wishbone by March 2, 2015. Applicants must qualify for the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch Program. Applicants who live in New York City and the vicinity, including New Jersey and Connecticut; the San Francisco Bay Area; and Los Angeles should click "Apply Now" to begin the Wishbone application.

If you are an applicant residing outside of the above-mentioned areas, please email stating your interest in attending the Parsons Summer Intensive Studies program, and an application document will be shared directly with you.

(Note: Please select "Parsons School of Design" as your referring organization in the first step of your application).

For more information about Wishbone and the application process, please visit

Please note: Scholarships do not cover housing fees, living costs, or expenses for supplies.