Parson Paris Mobility


    Studying at Parsons Paris allows New York–based students to experience Parsons in the context of a new culture and city. Parsons Paris is located in the heart of historic Paris and offers many of the same facilities found in New York City.


    Students enrolled at Parsons' New York campus can apply to study at Parsons Paris on mobility status for one semester or year depending on their major.  Please visit the Approved Programs page for more information.  

    Application Process:

    1. Review the Parsons Paris Mobility Information Sheet (PDF), paying close attention to the application timeline and your major’s specific policies regarding studying abroad at Parsons Paris.
    2. Complete the general study abroad and the Parsons Paris Mobility Application in GoAbroad by the appropriate deadline.

    Graduate Mobility

    Graduate students can apply for a maximum of one semester mobility.

    Students in MA History of Design and Curatorial Studies, MA Fashion Studies, and MA Design Studies should consult the program director at their home campus to discuss the most appropriate semester of study for the mobility experience.

    For students in MFA Design and Technology, the mobility semester should generally occur during the spring semester of the first year of study. Students who wish to apply for mobility during any other semester should consult with the program director at their home campus.

    Application Process:

    1. Completion of the Graduate Mobility Application, available in GoAbroad in under the Academics tab. The application involves a brief Statement of Purpose (approximately 500 words). The statement should exhibit careful consideration of the following: motivation for studying at the alternative campus, how the experience will complement the student's academic experience, and how this time aligns with the student's goals and plans.
    2. No significant disciplinary actions on the student's file.
    3. Approval of home campus program director. The student should speak with his/her program director before completing the application.


    Students studying at Parsons Paris have the option of securing student housing. For more information about these options, visit the Parsons Paris housing page.


    Parsons partners with Academic Programs International (API) to provide students with accurate and detailed information on the French student visa application process.