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Part-Time Faculty Guide

The Parsons Part-time Faculty Guide provides links to online resources found on the Parsons and New School websites and information about policies and resources specific to part-time faculty members at Parsons The New School for Design.

Download the Parsons Part-time Faculty Guide (PDF).


For additional questions or information, please contact the appropriate staff member for your school:

School of Art and Design History and Theory

Sarah Bogucki
212.229.8951 x4701

School of Art, Media, and Technology

Yasi Ghanbari
212.229.8908 x4618

School of Constructed Environments

Sarah Bogucki
212.229.8951 x4701

School of Design Strategies

Kate Evanishyn
212.229.8970 x4113

School of Fashion

Geycel Best
212.229.8966 x3867

Summer, Pre-College Academy, Continuing Education (SPACE)

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