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Parsons Paris.

Parsons Launches New Fashion Graduate Programs with Workwear

Guess who dropped by The New School last week. Donna Karan. She came to speak about her experiences at Parsons and her legendary career and to celebrate the launch of the new graduate programs in fashion. In recognition of the new programs, Parsons is presenting WORKWEAR, a series exploring the legacy of work wear as a uniform for success in New York. WORKWEAR will include an exhibition, which will be on view February 8 through March 5 at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, and a symposium on February 13 featuring leading fashion critics, designers, and scholars.

This fall, Parsons will be launching two new programs, an MFA in Fashion Design and Society and an MA in Fashion Studies. Both programs are interdisciplinary in nature, placing fashion in a contemporary, global context that recognizes its significance as a cultural, social, and economic force. For more information, visit

The WORKWEAR exhibition will feature both classic and cutting-edge work, including a 1986 film installation of Donna Karan's Seven Easy Pieces, a modern system of dressing for women where a handful of interchangeable items together create an entire wardrobe; and Boilersuit by Savile Row tailors Norton & Sons in collaboration with Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller, a modern utility outfit that accumulates patches as mementos of the wearer's life; and the installations Uniform and Office Workers by MFA director Shelley Fox in collaboration with Spiewak, the manufacturer of uniforms for the NYPD, MTA, and other agencies.

WORKWEAR is presented in collaboration with University of the Arts, London. For more information, please visit