Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.

Parsons Explores China

This past summer, 65 Parsons students and faculty spent a month in Beijing, Shanghai and HangZhou in the Peoples Republic of China. The group, accompanied by Parsons Faculty Benjamin Bacon, David Carroll,Simone Douglas, Jim Ramer and Sven Travis along with other adjunct faculty collaborated with Chinese universities, local artists and international corporations to engage in global art and design projects. Parsons is now preparing for its 2010 program, and invites all interested students to contact  to learn more about this opportunity.

Last year as a key part of the program, students from across the schools at Parsons, ranging from photography to fine arts, fashion marketing, communication design, design and technology, and design and management, collaborated with students in industrial, interior, and information design at Tsinghua University, a Beijing university.

Student teams traveled through the streets of Beijing and Shanghai with mobile phones provided by Nokia to collect images and artifacts of global warming, youth culture, and ethnographic experiences. From this discovery process, students produced audio recordings, performances, photography, videos, products, and art in digital or analog form.

Their findings and outcomes of their experiences were recently presented at a lecture at Parsons, and the school intends to host additional presentations to raise awareness of the 2010 trip. To learn more about Parsons experiences in China, please visit .