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Parsons Paris.

Parsons Faculty Featured in HBO Documentary

Andy Bichlbaum, assistant professor in Subversion at Parsons, is the focus of a new HBO documentary, The Yes Men Fix The World, which premiered on the network July 27. The documentary sheds new light on Bichlbaum’s innovative group the Yes Men, as Bichlbaum and his partner Mike Bonanno travel around the globe to expose what they consider to be hypocrisy in corporate America.

The Yes Men engage in what they call “identity correction” by pretending to be spokespeople and executives from notable organizations such as The World Trade Organization, Dow Chemical, and the United State Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Through their use of print and broadcast media, their creative and clever tactics have fooled mass audiences. Bichlbaum is known to have posed as a spokesperson from Dow Chemical appearing on BBC World News to announce that Dow will finally clean up the site of the Bhopal catastrophe, the largest industrial accident in history. Another notable hoax was when the group created a mock version of the New York Times with a headline reading, “Iraq War Ends,” as part of their participation in the Parsons exhibition Democracy in the Age of Branding.

The Yes Men Fix the World will be released to theaters in the United States on October 7. For more information, visit the movies website .