Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.

Parsons Glitters at Swarovski

Members of Parson’s 2009 senior class were given the opportunity to work with Swarovski Crystals ingredient brand, Crystallized-Swarovski Elements, in a costume competition in which they were to create their sparkling version of monarchs in history.

Students had free range in working with over 2,000 Crystallized-Swarovski Elements; however, the only contest rule was that they start with a white palette.

The costumes ranged from Catherine the Great to Ascot Gavotte to Helen of Troy. Ivy Kirk won the grand prize for her crystallized vision of Elvis Presley.

After debuting at Saks Fifth Avenue this past May, alongside their annual showcase of Parsons thesis collections, these costumes will be on display at Swarovski’s Madison Avenue and Rockefeller Center stores from July 27 through October 2. For more information, please visit .