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Parsons Paris.

Parsons Alumni Win First-Ever USGBC Sustainable Suite Design Award

Starter Kits, a nonprofit design collective founded by four recent graduates of the AAS Interior Design program at Parsons, won the first-ever USGBC Sustainable Suite Design Competition in the Student and Young Professionals category. This competition showcases interior designers’ best hospitality design strategies that demonstrate environmental responsibility while enhancing guest experience.

The recent graduates Erika Everet, Evelyn Lee, Stephanie Kuh and Mila Ducheva, developed a conceptual design for the Front Street Hotel in Brooklyn, New York. The team retrofitted an existing building as the hotel location, paying homage to the area’s industrial, manufacturing past while reflecting the present-day arts vibrancy of the neighborhood.

Their design includes an interactive kiosk for guests to learn about the hotel’s sustainable elements, such as pre-loaded subway fare cards in each guest room, the use of salvaged wood, and the construction of a green roof, making for a smart and ecologically sensitive hotel.

Established last May, Starter Kits educates young professionals in metropolitan areas about more efficient ways to live sustainably. Their purpose is both educational and product focused, with all efforts based on re-thinking what’s inside. The group aims to connect people with new resources and ideas geared toward bettering their interior environment