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Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.


Culture and Place

The Master of Arts in Theories of Urban Practice (slated to launch in fall 2012) provides an innovative academic route for students with a background in art, media, architecture, design, environmental and urban studies, liberal arts, or social science who are interested in studying the design of cities and urban systems.

Students will acquire analytical, theoretical, and methodological knowledge and skills and conduct innovative and advanced academic work.

By questioning fundamental assumptions about cities, students will gain a sophisticated understanding of how they are actually shaped and how they function. Learning will occur in interactive, intensive small-group settings through readings, presentations, discussions, case studies, field trips, and hands-on exercises.

Students will make curricular and extracurricular connections in courses shared with related graduate programs at Parsons and other divisions of The New School. Collaborations will take place with students in MS in Design and Urban Ecologies in Parsons’ School of Design Strategies, in the MArch program in Parsons’ School of Constructed Environments, and in the Cities and Urbanization concentration in graduate program in International Affairs at The New School.

Students will be supported by a dedicated professional advising staff and by faculty acting in an informal advising capacity.

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