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Parsons Paris.


Architecture (M.Arch)

The Master of Architecture degree is awarded for completion of 90 credits (or the equivalent as determined by the School of Constructed Environments). Students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and fulfill all requirements in a timely manner. The program can be completed in 2 or 3 years, depending on an evaluation of the student's educational background. The standard course of study is three years. 

Students with a four-year Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from a recognized undergraduate program will be evaluated for advanced placement in the program. See below for details.

First Year / Fall

PGAR 5001 Design Studio 1 6
PGAR 5013 Representation and Spatial Reasoning 1 3
PGAR 5040 Modern and Postmodern Architecture 3
PSCE 5300 Environmental Technology 1: Lecture 3
PSCE 5301 Environmental Technology 1: Recitation 0

First Year / Spring

PGAR 5002 Design Studio 2 (Housing) 6
PGAR 5015 Representation and Spatial Reasoning 2 3
PGAR 5023 Construction Technology 1 3

PGAR 5123 Theory of Architectural Form 3

Second Year / Fall

PGAR 5201 Design Studio 3 (Natural Systems) or
PSCE 5201 Design Studio 3 (Allied Studio)
PGAR 5213 Structural Technology 1: Lecture 3
PGAR 5215 Structural Technology 1: Recitation 0
PSCE 5310 Environmental Technology 2 3
PGAR 5513 Theory of Urban Form 3


Second Year / Spring

PGAR 5202 Design Studio 4 (Design Workshop or Comprehensive) 6
PGAR 5214 Structural Technology 2: Lecture 3
PGAR 5216 Structural Technology 2: Recitation 0
PGAR 5224 Construction Technology 2 3

Third Year / Fall

PGAR 5401 Design Studio 5 (Urban Architecture) 6
PGAR 5403 Thesis Preparation Seminar 3
Electives 6


Third Year / Spring

PGAR 5402 Design Studio 6 (Thesis Studio) 6
PGAR 5523 Professional Practice 3

Total Credits 90

M.Arch Program Advanced Placement

Evaluation for advanced placement is conducted by the admission committee on the basis of a review of the applicant’s design studio work. Students granted advanced placement are awarded up to the equivalent of one year of graduate study (30 credits). They must complete a minimum of two years of study (60 credits) in residence and fulfill all other master’s degree requirements.

To be considered for advanced placement, an applicant must have completed the following undergraduate curriculum with grades of B or better in all courses:

  • 6 semesters Studio
  • 2 semesters History
  • 2 semesters Structures
  • 1 semester Theory
  • 1 semester Environmental Technology
  • 1 semester Construction Technology

Waiving Required Courses

A student may be granted a waiver for a required course or courses if he/she has taken an equivalent course at another institution. A request for a waiver must be submitted at least one month before the registration deadline for the required Parsons course. If a waiver is granted, the student must make up the credits by taking additional electives.

Students requesting a course waiver must submit a transcript for the equivalent course(s) showing grades of B or better, course syllabus/syllabi, and samples of their completed course assignments, including project images (8.5 × 11 inches format) and/or copies of tests or writing samples.


  1. The student submits a list of courses for which a waiver is sought along with the corresponding courses from the other institution(s), including the date each class was completed and the grade received.
  2. The School of Constructed Environments reviews and responds to the waiver request, evaluating each course separately.
  3. If a course or courses are waived, Parsons will officially revise the student’s program of study accordingly. Note: Only courses are waived, not credit requirements; electives must be substituted for the waived courses.

NAAB Statement

For information about the MArch degree's accreditation by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), see NAAB Accreditation.