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Parsons Paris.

Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH)



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In 2009, Parsons students participated in LVMH’s first North American executive training session, the Art of Luxury Branding Forum, which previously was held only in London.

As part of an exercise designed to teach LVMH executives how to better communicate with their creative teams, executives discussed their companies’ brand and shared a design brief with students. The students worked on their design proposals without any additional assistance and returned the following day to make their presentations.

The executives were so impressed with their work that LVMH is currently discussing further partnership opportunities with Parsons.


The training took place in the Stephan Weiss Studio, in the West Village.


In one example, TAG Heuer challenged Design and Management student Joann Ngai to design a website that would familiarize U.S. customers with TAG Heuer accessories. 


Ms. Ngai’s proposals included a countdown feature that tracked the number of limited-edition items still available, which was intended to give the site a sense of urgency. The proposed website also featured video messages from its product ambassadors, such as Tiger Woods and Leonardo DiCaprio. And to create a sense of community and dialogue, the site provided discounts to customers who posted photographs and videos of themselves using TAG Heuer accessories.  

Parsons Team

Students from the Parsons Design and Management (BBA) and Product Design (BFA) programs.