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JPMORGAN Fall 2008

Students in the Parsons Design and Management BBA and Design and Technology MFA programs spent a semester researching and developing design strategies to help JPMorgan's Investment Bank's eCommerce unit increase internal communication and collaboration.


Parsons students conducted on-site research, including interviews and meetings at JPMorgan's offices, to determine staff member needs and current communication tools.


Develop social networking applications for JPMorgan's Investment Bank eCommerce unit to encourage communication and collaboration for JPMorgan's global staff.


Parsons faculty counter-proposed that the students develop solutions to encourage communication and collaboration within the context of a global company, but that they explore a full range of strategies and not limit themselves to social networking applications.

To quote a colleague at JPMorgan, "The proposals evidenced Parsons' cross-disciplinary approach with the students applying their design, management, and technology knowledge. This cross-disciplinary approach was central to the quality of the students' proposals. Parsons students developed a series of different solutions to address our design needs that we can combine to develop one, unified powerful tool."

Parsons Team

MFA students from Design and Technology and BBA students from Design and Management