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Troubleshooting Tips
Frequently Asked Questions

Troubleshooting Tips For The Internship Work Contract

When I Click On The File, I Get An Error Message That Says My Computer Cannot Open The Internship Work Contract
In order to open and use PDFs, you must have Adobe Reader version 8.0 or higher installed on your computer.

I Have A Macintosh Computer. When I Click On The Pdf File It Opens But I Am Not Able To Fill In The Fields Or Save The Internship Work Contract
Macs use a default program called Preview to open PDFs that does not allow you to alter the file. In order to fill in the Internship Work Contract, open Adobe Reader and instruct it to open the PDF document.

The Submit Button Is Not Working. What Should I Do?
Email the Internship Work Contract to; we will review and forward it to the correct advisor.

How Will I Know If The University Has Received My Internship Work Contract?
When your supervisor submits the Internship Work Contract, they receive a confirmation email, and Parsons will send you a completed form within two weeks.

My Employer Has Forgotten Their Password. How Can They Sign The Internship Work Contract?
They will have to create a new digital ID; we cannot retrieve their password.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Employer Is Asking For A Letter Stating That I Am Eligible To Intern. What Should I Do?
Parsons does not issue letters of eligibility and credit registration. The Internship Work Contract is sufficient proof of both eligibility and credit registration. The contract is on Parsons letterhead, indicates credit registration, and is digitally signed, which The New School recognizes as a legal signature.

I am having trouble signing the Internship Work Contract. Can I print it out and turn in a hardcopy version?
No. All Internship Work Contracts must be submitted digitally. If you are having trouble creating a digital form, please contact Parsons Career Services by email at or by phone at 212.229.8940.

Do I Need To Fill Out Any Other Forms?
International students must fill out an Online Service Request. All international students (F-1 and J-1 visas) must have any paid or unpaid internships for academic credit (including zero-credits internships) authorized by International Student Services before starting work. When the Office of Academic Advising signs the Internship Work Contract, it is automatically forwarded to ISS.

What Else Is Required For Internship Registration?
Besides your current level at Parsons, there is no prerequisite for registering for an internship. However, it is highly recommended that you attend the Internship Workshops held at the start of fall and spring semesters. For a schedule of upcoming workshops, visit the Announcements and Events page. Topics covered include the following:

  • Search and selection process for internships
  • Interview skills and professional etiquette
  • Success in internships—tips and strategies
  • Program policies including information about required hours and documents

My Supervisor Will Not Submit The Internship Work Contract. What Should I Do?
If the employer delays in submitting the Internship Work Contract, follow up by emailing or calling your prospective supervisor. Here is an example of a professional, polite reminder: "I am inquiring about the status of the Internship Work Contract I emailed to you on September 1. In order for me to register for this internship, the university requires the employer to return the completed Internship Work Contract with a digital signature. Please let me know if you're having any problem with the form or need more information before you complete it. Thank you."

What Happens If I Quit My Internship?
Quitting your internship results in an Incomplete (I) grade in your course, which will be noted on your academic transcript.

When Can I Start Interning?
You may begin your internship once you receive your completed, signed, and approved Internship Work Contract from Parsons Career Services.

What Is The Difference Between A Zero-Credit Internship And Other Credit-Bearing Internships?
By selecting a zero-credit internship option, you register an internship with Parsons that will be officially recognized and recorded on your transcript without the payment of full tuition for credits. The zero-credit internship registration process is the same as one- and two-credit internship registration process.

With your Academic Advisor's approval, you may elect to register for a zero-credit internship. There are several common reasons for taking this option.

  • You already are carrying the maximum number of credits for the semester and wish to register for an internship without incurring additional tuition charges.
  • You are interning during the summer and do not wish to pay tuition for internship credit. (Note that there may be other fees associated with registering for zero-credit during the summer term.)

You may not be permitted to enroll for zero-credit if you need credit hours to graduate. Your Academic Advisor will assess your case and determine whether or not you are eligible.

I Am A Student In The School Of Design Strategies. Do I Have To Take Additional Steps To Arrange An Internship?
It is highly recommended that students in the School of Design Strategies attend an internship workshop and follow the guidelines given in the workshop to submit a portfolio to your Faculty of Record.

My Supervisor Can't Sign The Internship Work Contract. What Should I Do?
Have your supervisor call Parsons Career Services at 212.229-8940. We are happy to assist.

Can I Apply My Summer Internship To The Fall Semester?
A student taking an internship can only receive academic credit for the term in which the internship was undertaken; your transcript will reflect this. You cannot apply an internship to a different semester.

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