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Gardner, Jean

Jean   Gardner

Associate Professor of Social-Ecological History and Design , Constructed Environments

Associate Professor of Social-Ecological History and Design

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  • Art Historian and Author. Jean Gardner is an activist, writer, teacher, and consultant on sustainable design issues. She is co-author with Brian McGrath of Cinemetrics: Architecture Drawing Today. She also wrote the first book on Urban Wilderness: Nature in New York City. The national AIA Committee on the Environment awarded her graduate course "Issues and Practices in Architecture and Urbanism" special recognition for eco-literacy teaching. The New York City Chapter of the AIA awarded her a Special Citation for her work as an Urban Ecologist, Author, and Educator in both the architectural field and in the public realm. Gardner was part of a team led by David Rockwell to commemorate 9/11 that exhibited at the 2002 Venice Biennale "The Hall of Risk", a participatory center for conflict resolution.

    Research Interests:

    architecture,sustainable design,urban design,urban ecologies,urban studies

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