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Parsons Paris.

Rachel Lifter

Rachel   Lifter

Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies , Art and Design History and Theory

Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies

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  • Rachel’s research expertise is in analyzing alternative fashion, focused on youth culture, street style, music cultures, and subcultures. Rachel received her PhD from the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, an MSc in sociology from the London School of Economics, and a BA in German studies from the University of Pennsylvania. Her interdisciplinary doctoral work explored “contemporary indie,” a mainstream youth cultural formation in the UK, considering how—through fashion—indie diffused into mainstream popular culture. Her master’s work pursued topics in urban studies, gender studies, and race/ethnicity studies. Rachel was most recently Postdoctoral Fellow in Fashion Studies in the School of Art and Design History and Theory. She has taught as lecturer in cultural and historical studies at London College of Fashion, and as adjunct faculty at Central Saint Martins. Her publications include contributions to Fashion Cultures: Theories, Exploration and Analysis edited by S. Bruzzi and P. Church Gibson and a book review in Textile History; and she has presented at conferences of the European Popular Culture Association and the Center for Fashion Studies at Stockholm University.

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