Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.


Full-time Faculty

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Jessica Walker, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts and Director of Pre-College Programs ...
Julia Wargaski, Assistant Professor of Communication Design, Art, Media and Technology
Ken Wark, Professor of Culture and Media Studies
Yvonne Watson, Associate Dean of Fahsion and Associate Professor of Fashion, Fashion
Melinda Wax, Assistant Professor of Design and Director of Adult Programs for SPACE, F...
Thomas Werner, Assistant Professor of Photography, Art, Media and Technology
Peter Wheelwright, Associate Professor of Architecture, Constructed Environments
David White, Assistant Professor of Environmental Technology and Material Sciences, Co...
Anthony Whitfield, Associate Professor of Art and Design, Art and Design History and T...
Nadia Williams, Assistant Professor of Diversity and Inclusion and Director of Parsons...
Johanne Woodcock, Associate Professor, Constructed Environments

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