Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.


Full-time Faculty

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Francesca Sammaritano, Assistant Professor of Fashion, Fashion
Emily Santoro, Postdoctoral/Graduate Fellow
Franz Christian Schneider, Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Design, Des...
Kakee Scott, Assistant Professor
Luciana Scrutchen, Assistant Professor of Fashion, Fashion
Anezka Sebek, Associate Professor of Media Design, Art, Media and Technology
Sabine Seymour, Assistant Professor of Fashionable Technology, Art, Media and Technolo...
John Sharp, Associate Professor of Games and Learning, Art, Media and Technology
Glenn Shrum, Assistant Professor of Lighting Design, Constructed Environments
Virginia Solomon, Postdoctoral Fellow in Visual Studies, Art and Design History and Th...
Dean Stadel, Faculty, Fashion
Eduardo Staszowski, Assistant Professor of Design Strategies, Design Strategies
Colin Stearns, Assistant Professor of Photography, Art, Media and Technology
Ken Stevens, Associate Professor of Design and Management, Design Strategies
Joel Stoehr, Instructor of Modeling Technology, Constructed Environments
Radhika Subramaniam, Director of The Sheila Johnson Center and Assistant Professor of ...

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