Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.

Full-time Faculty

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Mark Bechtel, Assistant Professor of Modeling, Technology, and Product Design, Constru...
Patricia Beirne, Assistant Professor of Transdisciplinary Design, Design Strategies
Andrea Bell, Postdoctoral Fellow in Art and Design History
Craig Bernecker, Associate Professor of Lighting Design, Constructed Environments
Andrew Bernheimer, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Constructed Environments
William Bevington, Associate Professor of Information Mapping, Art, Media and Technolo...
Michelle Bogre, Associate Professor of Photography, Art, Media and Technology
Thomas Bosket, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Art, Media and Technology
Margot Bouman, Program Director, Visual Studies, Art and Design History and Theory
Alaiyo Bradshaw, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Art, Media and Technology
Adam Brent, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Design Strategies
David Brody, Associate Professor of Design Studies, Art and Design History and Theory
John Bruce, Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management, Design Strategies
Alan Bruton, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, Constructed Environments