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Parsons Paris.


Partners in the Industry

Private companies partner with Parsons in order to work with the next generation of design thinkers—our students. Partners in industry often present students with design challenges that are more speculative and experimental than the students' in-house research projects.

Partnerships can take many forms. For example, partners often sponsor competitions that enable students to develop work outside of the classroom. In brainstorming sessions like charrettes, workshops, and jams, faculty members and students work together to solve a problem presented to them.

Learning Through Doing

In the most productive partnerships, partners sponsor in-class projects that double as academic assignments. The partner works with the Parsons faculty on a creative brief identifying needs, past efforts to meet these needs, relevant design precedents, target users, and constraints such as schedule and budget. The partner presents students with background information on the company, brand, and customers, and then outlines the specific design challenge. Throughout the process, the partner provides feedback and critique alongside the faculty member ultimately responsible for determining students' grades.

Sample Industry Projects

Partners in the Community

Parsons has a rich history of partnerships with nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Hundreds of these groups now serve their communities more effectively thanks to the buildings, products, and communications systems created in collaboration with Parsons students.

Sample Community Projects

PARTNERs in higher education

Parsons maintains partnerships with other universities and academic institutions around the world, including a growing network of exchange partners, with whom our students can apply to study for a semester or a year. Parsons also offers a broad range of cross-institutional research opportunities and a changing menu of intensive short courses that allow students to expand their horizons through fieldwork abroad.

Sample University Partnerships