Dual City Summer Program

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    Parsons Summer Programs welcomes students from around the world. We value cultural diversity in our student body as well as the unique talent and perspective each student brings to the program.

    Parsons School of Design (NYC and Paris) and Central Saint Martins at the University of the Arts London are collaborating to offer several exciting two-week and four-week programs.

    Program Overview

    New York, Paris, and London are vibrant urban centers that offer abundant learning opportunities in art and design. Each city is home to a variety of architecture, fashion, finance, and educational institutions, providing students with direct access to exceptional models to study and engage with firsthand.

    The Dual and Tri City Summer Program offers non-degree, noncredit, and credit transfer courses open to all adult students, regardless of their experience. The short, intensive format of these courses allows students to immerse themselves in the creative life of New York, Paris, and London; explore the latest trends; and collaborate with fellow art and design students while building a network of contacts from around the world.

    Our partner institution for these courses, Central Saint Martins, is internationally renowned for the excellence of its students, staff, and graduates. Central Saint Martins has an outstanding reputation for educating short course, foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate, and research students. Students of all disciplines at Central Saint Martins are challenged to experiment, innovate, take risks, ask questions, and discover in a supportive learning environment as they develop their creative practice.

    Summer 2017 Program Schedule and Course Information

    Session 1—four weeks, June 19–July 14

    New York course dates: June 19–June 29, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

    Free time for travel to London: Friday, June 30–Monday, July 3 (4 days' travel)

    London course dates: July 4–July 14, Tuesday to Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

    Course offered:


    This course introduces students to the design principles and conceptual processes used in designing apparel. In NYC, the focus will be on conceptual development, research methods, and visual presentations. In London, students will learn about fashion construction, pattern cutting, draping, and sewing.

    Faculty: Steven Faerm

    Session 2—two weeks, June 26–July 7

    New York course dates: June 26–30, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

    Free time for travel to London: Saturday, July 1–Sunday, July 2

    London course dates: July 3–7, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

    Courses offered:


    This course is suitable for entrepreneurs, designers, and other creative individuals who are interested in developing new or nascent business ideas. The course will consist of short lectures, seminars, and workshops to develop the ideas and tools that have been introduced.

    Faculty: Lee-Sean Huang, David Colby Peed


    Whether you have a fashion label, are thinking of starting one, or just want an exclusive view of how the fashion industry communicates and promotes brands, this is the course for you. This ten-day intensive will give you an insight into selling online, as well as a grounding in traditional communication tools.

    Faculty: Tom Handley

    Session 3—three weeks, July 3–21

    Paris course dates: July 3–7, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

    Free time for travel to London: Saturday, July 8–Sunday, July 9 (2 days' travel)

    London course dates: July 10–14, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

    Free time for travel to New York: Saturday, July 15–Sunday, July 16 (2 days' travel)

    New York course dates: July 17–21, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

    Course offered:


    Who decides what the latest themes, colors, silhouettes, styling details or fabrics will be?  Be at the head of the pack, sleuthing the trends. Learn how to predict what’s coming next and how to share this information across media. Analyze and project colors, design themes, silhouettes, fabrics, patterns, and styling details years in advance of the actual development and production of the products that will come from them. Gain the skills necessary to be a trend forecaster, influential in fashion and lifestyle industries, monitoring the industry through travel, reading, networking, listening, and, most important, observing. Take your eye to the street and see what you find!

    Faculty: PARIS – Yong Andersson

    LONDON - Ruth Marshall-Johnson

    NYC - TBA

    Credit Transfer for the Fashion Design, Process, and Practice course

    Studying with us this summer can help you build up credits for your own degree course.

    Please ensure you take the essential steps to clear the courses and credits with your home college or university before you begin your Dual or City summer course.

    Plan Credit Transfers Before Departure

    Once you have selected your course, meet with your study abroad office or academic advisor. Share with him or her the relevant course description and course handbook, as they will assist the advisor in assessing the course for credit transfer at your institution.

    Record of Study and Achievement and Grade Report

    The Record of Study and Achievement (RSA) contains your final grade and is sent out by CSM soon after the end of your summer course. You will receive one copy, while a second copy will be sent to your home university or study abroad provider.

    The RSA we will send out includes details of the course studied and tuition hours and the final grade that has been awarded, so that your institution can determine the number of credits it will award. The grades we use are formatted in a standard A-F scale; included in the course handbook are the grading criteria we use. Please ensure that your academic advisor is aware of the criteria, as the level required for each grade may differ slightly from that required by your home institution.


    Explore full course information and online registration.

    Professional Faculty

    Dual and Tri City summer courses are taught by practicing professionals who are members of the Parsons faculty in New York and Paris, and of the Central Saint Martins faculty in London. Courses often feature guest lecturers and critics.


    Dual and Tri City Summer Program students can live in New School residence halls on the Greenwich Village campus. Visit Summer Housing for more details.

    Find information about housing options in London.

    International Students

    Read information on visas and other requirements for students traveling to New York for a Dual or Tri City summer course.


    If you have additional questions, contact:

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    New York London Short Course Office
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