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Quantitative Reasoning 1 and 2 (BBA only)

Course Description

(as of March 1, 2012)

Quantitative Reasoning 1: Introductory Quantitative Reasoning

This course reviews the fundamentals of elementary and intermediate algebra with applications to business and social science. Topics include: using percents, reading and constructing graphs, Venn diagrams, developing quantitative literacy skills, organizing and analyzing data, counting techniques, and elementary probability. Students are also exposed to using technology as graphical and computational aids to solving problems.

Quantitative Reasoning 2: Advanced Quantitative Reasoning

A continuation and extension of topics and themes developed in the introductory Quantitative Reasoning course, with special emphasis on data visualization techniques. Probability theory and statistical analysis methods are introduced. This course prepares students for higher‐level courses in Design and Management, including Financial Management and Business Models and Planning.