Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.

General Requirements

The Certificate Credential

A certificate is a stand-alone Parsons credential that represents a basic immersion in one of our core areas of study, including Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Graphic & Digital Design, Interior Design & Architecture Studies, and Fine Art & Foundation. (For details on the Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials with Teen Vogue, please be in touch with a dedicated student advisor.) Students who earn a certificate often list it on their résumés or college applications to indicate that they have studied part-time at Parsons. Class evaluations are on record with the university. Parsons does not provide job placement or internship services for certificate students.

Basic Core Courses

The Basic Core class combines two or three courses that are certificate requirements into one intensive class. Core classes are offered only in the fall and spring.


All certificate programs have an elective component. Any Parsons course with a minimum of 25 contact hours (class time) may be taken as an elective. Ongoing certificate students with partial elective course hours may complete previously published elective requirements or meet the new requirements.

Certificate Courses and Transfer Credits

Parsons certificate courses may be taken on a for-credit or noncredit basis. Credit students who successfully complete individual courses earn undergraduate credit that is usually transferable to a degree program.


Tuition for credit students is charged on a per-credit basis. Noncredit students pay the course tuition published in the Parsons CE catalog.

Certificate Grading

Certificate students receive a noncredit grade of Approved (AP) or Not Approved (NA). Students who register for undergraduate credit receive standard letter grades.

Certificate Completion

Students are expected to complete the certificate requirements within two years. A request for an extension must be sent in writing to or Parsons SPACE, 2 West 13th Street, room 506, New York, NY 10011.

Students can request a transcript of their certificate courses from the New School Office of the Registrar, 72 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011 or via email (

Upon satisfactory completion of all certificate requirements, students should file the Certificate Petition Form with the Parsons Continuing Education program office. If the petition is approved, the certificate is issued in the next academic term following completion.

Submit the petition form to Parsons SPACE by email ( or by fax (646.336.8437).

Continuing Certificate Students

If certificate requirements have changed since a student last registered, the continuing student can follow either the previously published requirements or the new ones. If a program is discontinued, students can complete their certificates by making course substitutions with the approval of Parsons SPACE.

International Certificate Students and Visas

Parsons SPACE is unable to assist international students seeking student visas for certificate programs. Foreign students who plan to study full-time at Parsons must consult with the Office of Admission or New School International Student and Scholar Services.