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Community by Design

The AAS Interior Design program is housed in the School of Constructed Environments (SCE). Students work alongside aspiring architects, lighting designers, and product designers, sharing facilities like the fabrication shop, the Light Lab, and the Angelo Donghia Materials Center. Benefiting from Parsons’ culture of cross-disciplinary learning, program participants can supplement their interior design studies with classes in fine arts, fashion, and graphic design.

Professional New York

In addition to the resources of the Parsons faculty, facilities, and fellow students, AAS Interior Design students gain access to the showrooms, factories, dealers and auction houses, and experts that make New York City a hub of the international interior design world. Parsons’ reputation as an industry leader also opens doors to the city’s many interior design firms and departments.

New York’s museums, collections, archives, and designed spaces present work in contexts useful for both applied and critical study. Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, home to an extensive collection of decorative arts and furniture and sponsor of many industry-related events, is a key resource. Material ConneXion, a consultancy for industry practitioners researching new materials, complements Parsons’ own collection in the Angelo Donghia Materials Center.

Students are encouraged to participate in professional organizations, such as the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association (PLDA), and compete in student design contests.

Inquiry as Outcome

As the interior design discipline evolves in response to social and environmental changes and innovations in materials and processes, Parsons’ AAS Interior Design students help shape and interpret that evolution. Ideas and projects that map some of the shifting design landscape are shared on the pages of WORK, the annual publication of the AAS Interior Design program. AfterTaste, an annual international symposium hosted by SCE, presents AAS students with other opportunities to engage in critical assessment of the field. AfterTaste brings renowned theorists and practitioners such as Joshua Walton, Andrew Blauvelt, David Ling, Constance Adams, and The Quay Brothers to present on themes that expand the boundaries of theory and practice of the field.