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Sales Tax Exemption

The New School is exempt from New York State and City taxes. Therefore, employees incurring expenses on behalf of the university are exempt from New York sales taxes. The sales tax exemption can be avoided in one of two ways:

  1. Use the university’s preferred vendors. They recognize the university’s tax exempt status and will not charge sales tax. (Go to Purchasing for information about preferred vendors.) 
  2. Provide the New School's exemption certificate (ST 119.1) to other vendors when you make your purchase. Note: Some vendors will only require that the exemption certificate be provided upon the initial purchase; others may require that it be provided upon subsequent purchases.

Taxes paid which could have been avoided are unallowable expenses and may be charged back to the employee who made the purchase. 


Exemption certificates should only be used for university expenses and must never be used for personal expenses. Utilizing the university’s tax exemption certificate to avoid the payment of taxes on personal purchases constitutes fraud. 

The New School's New York Sales Tax Exemption Certificate can be obtained through the Employee tab in  The link to the certificate is under tag TAX COMPLIANCE.


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