Preferred Vendors

Audio and Video Equipment [+]

B&H – University Credit Card Preferred

Please note

Only email addresses with the domain will be accepted for registration.

  • After registration is complete, you will have access to B&H contract pricing, and sales tax will be omitted from your orders. You will also be able to generate quotes. Individuals issued a New School credit card will be able to check out their own orders.
  • Individuals not assigned a card are advised to submit quotes along with approved purchase requisitions to Purchasing for processing.
  • Please allow 1-2 business days after registration for your account to reflect the checkout option and omission of sales tax.

Books [+]

Amazon – University Credit Card Preferred

Contact Purchasing at to request a profile under The New School's corporate account with Amazon.

  • You will need to provide your New School email address along with payment information for the credit card you've been issued.
  • Only individuals issued a New School credit card are eligible.
  • You will be notified when registration is complete.
  • Registration under the university's corporate account exempts you from paying sales tax on your orders.*

*Orders fulfilled directly by exclude sales tax, but orders fulfilled by third-party vendors may be subject to sales tax. It is your responsibility to contact vendors to request the removal of sales tax.

Computer Equipment, Printers, and Peripherals [+]

Effective immediately, all IT-related requisitions or direct credit card purchases MUST be emailed to LeeAnn Haines ( in Information Systems for review.  

She will respond to your request within 24 hours.

For more information on computer hardware, refer to our Purchasing Equipment webpage.

CDW - 

Hewlett Packard - 

Apple - 

For more information on computer hardware, refer to our webpage:

Computer Software [+]

Effective immediately, all IT-related requisitions or direct credit card purchases MUST be emailed to LeeAnn Haines ( in information systems for review.  

She will respond back to your request within 24 hours.


For more information on software, refer to our computer software webpage.

Flowers [+]

The New School has an account with 1 800 Flowers. Please access the order form, fill in all the information and have it approved. Fax your order to the number listed. The New School will be billed for your order. If you have any questions, please contact or extension 3733. 

Food, Beverages, and Restaurants [+]

The university is no longer able to offer in-house catering. We have put other service options in place to fulfill on-campus catering needs.

General Campus Catering

The university has institutional relationships with several food and beverage/catering vendors. A complete list can be found below. These vendors already recognize the university’s tax-exempt status and may offer additional pricing or service considerations. Vendors that choose to do so will begin accepting the university’s newcard for payment, allowing for additional ease of payment. We are happy to pursue additional relationships if interest warrants.

You can use vendors of your choice following the same guidelines as for other university expenses. Please note that because of both capacity and health code requirements, we cannot grant external parties access to university kitchens or other university food preparation facilities.

Continental Breakfast or Coffee Break  (coffee, tea, and bagels) [+]

Sandwiches and Light Entrees (coffee, tea, and bagels) [+]

  • Pret a Manger
  • Ordering Online*To place an order with Pret a Manger, call 917.655.6297 (or 1-866-Eat-Pret) and mention that you’re with the New School. A tax-exempt code will be provided for you to use at the time of placing the order. All orders need to be placed by 2:00 p.m. the business day before the delivery is needed (Friday at 2:00 p.m. for Monday delivery). There is a $100 minimum for delivery. To order online, visit the online catering page.

    Cold Beverages and Ice (coffee, tea, and bagels) [+]

    Higher-End and Full-Service Catering (staff, linens, service item rentals, etc.) [+]

    **You must request room setup and cleanup through Facilities (Sprocket: Facilities Work Order).

    Carry-Away Service

    Grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, coffee, and pastry for small gatherings are always available at all campus dining venues. A list of campus dining locations can be found below. To facilitate payment, departments can request a dedicated newcard that will be funded with a specified FOAP. Instructions can be found at the newcard site.

    Lang Café, located at 65 West 11th Street, can accommodate catered events for small groups. Available are additional to-go sandwiches, bottled beverages, breakfast pastries, and Box of Joe for hosts to pick up for their meetings. Please visit the café; one of the campus dining associates would be glad to assist with your to-go order.

    On-Campus Dining Locations

    Dining Name


    Schwartz Commons

    65 Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor
    New York, NY 10003

    Lang Café

    65 West 11th Street
    New York, NY 10003

    Arnhold Hall Café

    55 West 13th Street, lobby
    New York, NY 10003

    Formal and Reception Catering

    The university maintains a vendor relationship with Restaurant Associates, which can be used for your reception events. If you require catering for an upcoming event, please contact:

    Mary Dearborn
    Vice President Catering

    You can use caterers of your choice following the same guidelines as for other university expenses. Please note that because of both capacity and health code requirements, we cannot grant external parties access to university kitchens or other university food preparation facilities.

    Staffing Services

    Vendor options are available to fulfill waiter, bartending, and service staff needs for catered events.

    Segue Staffing


    Jonathan Rosa


    The following vendor provides rental services for linen, china, tables, and catering equipment:

    Party Rental Ltd.
    275 North Street
    Teterboro, NJ 07680

    Account Representative

    Aaron Verdesca   

    Please email with detailed information about your event to receive rental pricing. Party Rental Ltd. accepts both university-issued purchase orders and credit cards for payment. 

    Broadway Party Rentals
    134 Morgan Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11237

    The university has an established account with Broadway Party Rentals. Pricing requests can be submitted to the following representatives:

    Katie DeCicco

    Diane Dorn

    Tyler Lindsay

    George Carrasco

    They can be contacted by telephone at 718.821.4000.

    Broadway Party Rentals accepts both university-issued purchase orders and credit cards for payment.

    Packaged Ice and Equipment

    The following vendors provide delivery of packaged ice and rental of ice storage equipment:

    Apple Ice
    171 East Industry Court
    Deer Park, NY 11729

    New York Beverage
    515 Bruckner Blvd.
    Bronx, NY 10455

    Furniture [+]

    All furniture requests must be approved by the Office of Design and Construction. Contact Adam Reale at for assistance.

    Hardware [+]

    Grainger – University Credit Card Preferred

    • You can register for a Grainger account at
    • Instructions are as follows:
    • Select "Register Now" (upper-right-hand corner).
    • The New School account number is 807179320.
    • Select "My organization already has an account" and enter the account number.
    • Begin registration.

    Please note

    That only email addresses with the domain will be accepted for registration.

    After your registration is complete, you will have access to the New School account with Grainger, which provides discounted pricing and exemption from sales tax.

    Memberships/Web Services [+]

    Please use your university credit card for any membership and any Web service (whether annual or monthly/quarterly ongoing charges)

    MetroCards [+]

    • Use your university credit card to obtain MetroCards.
    • Call the New York City MTA Transit Store at the Grand Central location, 212.878.0106, to arrange for purchases of multiple cards. You must call in orders in advance.

    Contact the Purchasing Department ( or 212.229.5323 x3733) if you have any questions.

    Office Supplies [+]

    WB Mason

    Get an Online Account for Office Supplies

    • The university currently uses WB Mason as our vendor for standard office supply products. All ordering is done online at the approved New School/WB Mason website,
    • The university has mandated the use of 100 percent postconsumer recycled content copy paper in all desktop printers, fax machines, and floor copiers.
    • Fill out the Office Supply Form

    To obtain an online account for new associates

    • Complete the Get Online Account for Office Supplies form.
    • New School Purchasing will set up your account and email your log-in along with ordering information to you.
    • If you do not have the current WB Mason catalog and would like to have one sent to your office, you can order the catalog online (item # on home page) or call 1.888.926.2766 x8364.

    Damaged Goods, Mistakes in Shipping, Returns, etc.

    • Contact WB Mason at 1.888.926.2766 x8364.
    • Have your confirmation order number available when you call. This number can be found on the packing slip. Items ordered incorrectly may be returned for credit.
    • WB Mason will arrange for pick-up.
    • Do not send items to the mail room. WB Mason will pick up items only from the original delivery address. A new Office Supply Requisition form must be submitted requesting the correct item. Your budget account will be credited once the incorrect item has been returned and received by WB Mason.

    Art Supplies

    Dick Blick – University Credit Card Preferred

    The Purchasing Department has established an account with Dick Blick that exempts orders from sales tax.

    Follow the steps below to use this account

    • At Check Out, select the "School and Business Checkout" option.
    • The New School customer number is 048280149.
    • The New School customer zip code is 10011. Always use the zip code 10011, not the billing or ship-to zip code.
    • Continue Check Out with your reference, billing, and shipping information.
    • At Payment Options, select the "Procurement/Credit Card" option and enter your credit card information to complete your order.

    Photocopiers and Multifunctional Devices [+]

    If you would like to lease a new unit, contact Purchasing at 212.229.5323 x3733 or

    For Existing Units

      Placing a Service Call

      • Each unit has a tag with a service number to call.
      • Give the ID number to the customer service dispatcher.
      • Tell the dispatcher if a service code number appears on the Konica LCD.
      • Briefly describe the problem.
      • A customer service representative will come to repair your Konica device.

      Ordering Supplies

      • Call the service number on the tag.
      • Give the model and serial number.
      • Tell the dispatcher if a service code number appears on the Konica LCD.
      • Tell the supply representative that you need toner or staples.

    Please note

    Please order toner when you place the last toner cartridge in your machine—do not wait until you are completely out.

    Printing and Reproduction [+]

    Village Copier

    Village Copier is the preferred vendor for the university’s printing and reproduction needs. A dedicated online portal exists to place orders for materials, course packets, syllabi, and exam printing services. Request an account and user log-in by contacting the Purchasing department at Registered users receive New School discounts up to 50% off regular pricing when placing orders online.

    Stationery [+]


    In keeping with our goal of spending responsibly, we have partnered with Dupli Envelope & Graphics of Syracuse, New York, to fulfill our stationery needs. Dupli has established an online site at which orders can be placed:

    To request an online account, go to the link above and complete the Request for Dupli Account online form. Purchasing will assign you an account and send log-in and ordering information to you by email.

    Subscriptions [+]

    University Credit Card Preferred

    Use your university credit card for subscriptions and other periodical purchases.

    Toner [+]

    The Purchasing Department aims to provide your department with the lowest possible costs while leveraging volume and obtaining the best value for the university. The university has established a contract with WB Mason as our preferred vendor of toner for all items except copiers. Most copiers have a separate maintenance plan that includes toner. Contact purchasing at 212.229.5323 x3733 to find out whether your copier is covered.

    Toner for Copiers

    Konica Minolta Business Solutions is our primary source for copier toner. To order toner, contact Konica Minolta Business Solutions at 877.551.3258.

    If your department has a copier that was leased from a different vendor, contact the Purchasing Department to see whether you have a current maintenance plan. If one is in place, toner is included in the plan and we will give you the number to order supplies. If no maintenance plan is in place, fill out a Purchase Requisition (PDF) form and send it to the Purchasing Department.

    Toner for Printers and Fax Machines

    Toner can be ordered through our office supply vendor. Refer to the Office Supply page for ordering. If your toner is not listed on WB Mason's website, contact Purchasing at or 212.229.5323 x3733.

    Recycling Toner

    As part of our efforts to preserve the environment, The New School works with WB Mason to recycle toner cartridges.

    Have used toner cartridges wrapped and ready for pick-up by the delivery person from WB Mason.


    Be on the alert for unsolicited calls from vendors who attempt to ship you copier supplies or office supplies. The caller will generally inquire about the make and model of your copier and the employee who requisitions supplies. The caller probably works for a company that ships unsolicited copier supplies, like toner, at inflated prices. The caller will offer some justification for the call (such as a major customer in the area going out of business or a limited-time discount offer on an item whose price has gone up). Remember that supplies are generally included in maintenance agreements. Refer such calls to the Purchasing Department, as the entire university may benefit from the offers if the calls are legitimate.

    We have developed a list of useful tips to prevent departments from being swindled by questionable suppliers

    • If someone calls you about the "renewal of a previous order," ask him or her for the original purchase order number. If the caller produces a purchase order number, check the validity of the number and the ordering department. If the caller cannot produce a valid purchase order number, try to obtain the caller's phone number for your records; then contact Purchasing.
    • If you receive an invoice in the mail for an order for which you have no record, read the invoice carefully. If the fine print states, "This is not an invoice. Material will not be shipped without prepayment," save the invoice and contact Purchasing for assistance.
    • Never authorize a shipment of supplies to a caller soliciting business over the phone.
    • If you receive a shipment of supplies that were never ordered, do not open the packages or use the supplies. Store the shipment in a secure area, save the packing list, and contact Purchasing for assistance.
    • Never enter into negotiations with a caller attempting to "resolve an invoice problem" for a shipment or invoice from an unknown or questionable supplier. Contact Purchasing immediately for directions or assistance.

    If you are unsure about dealing with a particular supplier, contact Purchasing at 212.229.5323 x3733 for assistance.

    Wireless and Cellular Devices [+]

    The New School's Wireless and Cellular Device Policy includes two options for employees’ business use of wireless/cellular devices. An employee can select one approved university-provided device or receive an allowance for one device. The wireless communication allowance option is intended to reimburse the employee for the business use of their personal device. The allowance is not intended to fund the full cost of the device nor pay for the entire monthly bill.

    Below is an overview of the policy. Please refer to the complete Wireless and Cellular Device policy and procedures included in Business Travel and Expense Policy available through in the Employee tab under Finance and Business. The policy applies to all faculty, staff, and administrators who, as part of their official university employment, have a constant and recurring need for a wireless communications device.

    Option 1:  Wireless/Cellular Device Allowance

    The Allowance option provides a stipend of $50 per month, and is paid through Payroll along with your normal payroll cycle.  Employees will see the allowance in their online pay statement. This allowance is not considered taxable income and will not be included in your W-2 wages.

    New School employees can receive discounts on personal cellular plans through AT&T or Verizon. Additional information can be found at

    The Allowance is paid monthly from the time of authorization until December 31 of the current calendar year unless a change in employment status occurs or an early termination request is provided by the department. The allowance is effective upon receipt of a completed, approved PRA Form with supporting documentation (agreement) according to payroll scheduling.  There is no retro-active pay for this allowance. Each employee will be required to reapply for the stipend on an annual basis one month prior to expiration of reimbursement eligibility.

    For cellular phones, the agreement form must include the employee’s wireless/cellular device number and contract dates. For devices other than a cell phone, a copy of the employee’s service provider invoice must be included when the agreement is reviewed by the supervisor and retained with the departmental copy of the agreement. If the employee has a shared/pooled family plan, the bill may be redacted to protect the privacy of non-university employees.

    Employees receiving an Allowance may not also be reimbursed for business calls. An employee cannot receive an allowance and also have a university owned wireless/cellular device.

    The Allowance must be paid with departmental funds. The Allowance is not an allowable payment as a direct cost on a grant or contract. 

    Option 2:  University-Owned Wireless/Cellular Device Assignment

    The New School Procurement facilitates the purchase of and payment for university-owned wireless/cellular devices provided to an employee for business purposes, including cell phones, tablets, BlackBerry devices, iPhones, air cards and Mi-Fi devices provided to employees by The New School.

    The New School may provide employees with a wireless/cellular device to help them carry out their job responsibilities and advance the mission of the university; personal use of university-issued wireless/cellular devices should be minimal. The Finance and Business office has selected vendors and devices that best suit the university's wireless needs.

    The New School may issue a wireless/cellular device to employees who have a frequent business need for mobile access. Employees who are assigned a university-owned phone are responsible for the safekeeping, care, and custody of the assigned device. 

    Personal Use of Equipment and Services

    Provided that the business need for the service is significant and consistent over a substantial period of time, the personal use the wireless/cellular device is not otherwise limited. However, the department and the employee's supervisor reserve the right to suspend provision of the university owned wireless/cellular device in the case of excessive personal use.

    Procurement Department


    Phone: 212.229.5323 x3733

    Customer Service

    TNS Wireless/Cellular Device Providers



    Verizon Wireless


    Connect with the New School