Purchasing Requisition Faqs

How long does it take to process a purchase requisition?

A. Requests are normally processed within 3-5 business days. Purchase orders are faxed or emailed to the vendor. Please provide a fax number if possible.

Can I fax the requisition?

A. Yes. To prevent order duplication, do not forward the originals.

Can I submit a requisition for items less than $100.00?

A. No. Please use your credit card. If you do not have one, please apply for one. The New School credit card policy is available online.

Do I need to specify a vendor?

A. No. just make sure you have provided the following information (type or print clearly):

  • Complete description of the items requested: dimensions, color, quantity
  • Shipping Information: your name, department name, location, room number
  • Budget number and dean's or budget director’s approval
  • If you have a specific vendor, be sure to include the vendors full name, mailing address, contact name, phone and fax numbers. Also include the vendors quotation or proposal

What should I do if I run out of space on the bottom of the requisition to write-in all the items I want to purchase?

A. Attach a separate sheet of paper to continue your request. Be sure to include all the necessary information to process your order including a description of the product, the quantity, and the unit cost (if known). Type or print clearly.

If I want to order the same type of product, but for different staff members in my department, do I have to fill-out a separate form for each person?

A. No. If there’s only one budget number to charge, just list the products to be ordered and their quantities. The order should be shipped to one contact person.

You may make notes at the bottom of the requisition to help you keep track of the recipients once the order has arrived in your office.

Can I indicate more than one budget number on the requisition?

A. If you are splitting the cost of the order between multiple budget numbers, just indicate the budget numbers to charge and what percentage to charge each.

What should I do if the vendor short-shipped my order?

A. Contact the vendor and let them know you only received a partial shipment. Perhaps the remaining items are backordered. If you have trouble locating the vendor, please contact purchasing for assistance (purchasing@newschool.edu or ext 3733).

What should I do if the vendor cannot provide the items I requested, but they give me the name of another vendor who can fulfill my order?

A. Contact purchasing to modify your existing purchase order to reflect the new vendor or supplier. Provide the new vendors name, address, and contact information. The modified order will be sent to the new vendor and accounts payable will be notified of the change.

Digital Mailroom Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we sending invoices to the Digital Mailroom?

EDMAmericas is our third-party supplier, located in North Carolina, which is receiving invoices, digitizing the scanned copy and key data elements, and communicating them to our system. Invoices should be sent only once using one of the following methods:

Mailing Address

The New School  
PO Box 90519
Raleigh, NC 27675-0519




TNSAccountsPayable@edmamericas.com (this is an external email address and should not be copied on any other correspondence)

**Please send only once in one of the above ways to prevent duplicate invoices from being received.

What should I send to the Digital Mailroom?

Send invoices only. You can simply sign and FOAP the invoice before sending.

What should I not send?

Check Disbursement/Payment Request forms**

Independent Contractor forms (continue to submit using the current IC process at  ICCompliance@newschool.edu)

Honorarium and Guest Lecturer forms**

Employee Expense Reports (should be submitted via Concur)

**These forms can now be submitted electronically via My New Source, The New School's new eProcurement solution. Please contact Gay Florio, director of Procurement and Expense Systems, for access at x3881 or email floriog@newschool.edu.

Can I scan a stack of invoices?

Yes. Please ensure that the invoices are arranged so that they are easily distinguished from one another. A blank page separator is suggested for multipage invoices or invoices with multipage backup documents. Please do not use a cover sheet as an approval form for multiple invoices. Each invoice should have its own signature and FOAP indicated on it.

Please Note

There is an approximately three-day turnaround from the time an invoice is received by EDMAmericas to the time when it's posted in our system. Payment processing by Accounts Payable may take additional time. The New School payment terms of net 30 days will be applied to the invoices for most vendors. 

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