Credit Card Policy

Applying for a University Credit Card

As of January 1, 2013, all credit cards issued by The New School will be linked to the Concur online expense reimbursement interface. If you already have a New School credit card, you will be required to link it to Concur. 

The New School works with the Visa card program at Bank of America. This program provides an efficient, cost-effective method of paying for travel and small dollar items, as well as high volume purchases and purchases you make on a regular basis. In order to request a card, you must complete the Application for University Issued Credit Card. (Access the application under "Forms.")

Once you receive a university issued credit card, you must accept responsibility for its protection and proper use as outlined in the Agreement and the Policies and Procedures pages on the Application for University Issued Credit Card. The university will audit the use of the card. You understand that the card is to be used for approved New School purchases and that you will source the purchases through New School preferred vendors and contracted suppliers. 

Limits on your line of credit will be established by your manager or approver. 

The New School has the right to terminate a university issued credit card at any time for any reason. 

Contact Gay Florio, travel and expense service manager, at 212.229.5660 x3658 or for additional information.

Online Expense Reimbursement Process

Beginning January 1, 2013, all New School travel and expense reimbursement reports should be submitted for processing through the Concur expense tool online. In order to access the Concur expense tool, you must complete the Application for Online Access to Travel, Travel and Expense Reimbursement Processing [form. link to the form/ to purchasing page] Anyone who submits reports, including administrators and staff who create reports on behalf of others, must apply for access to the Concur expense tool. 

If you already have a Concur travel account, this expense tool will be added. Contact Gay Florio, travel and expense service manager, at 212.229.5660 x3658 or for additional information.


Using a university credit card is a quick and efficient way to procure general supplies from The New School’s preferred vendors. By making purchases with a university credit card, you can reduce processing time and paperwork such as purchase orders, invoices, and checks. Many vendors have online ordering systems, which allow you to make purchases at your convenience.

Please use your credit card for any purchase under $250. If the vendor will not accept a credit card, contact the Purchasing Department. 

The Purchasing Department no longer accepts requests for purchases for less than $1,000 from vendors on the preferred list with university credit card accounts.  Orders can be placed directly with these vendors. Consult the preferred vendors list frequently for updated information.

Contact the Purchasing Department at or 212.229.5323 x3733 with any questions.

Vendor Information

Visit our list of preferred vendors for commonly ordered products by commodity. A notation follows the names of vendors that accept the university’s credit card.

If you have a question or concern about an order, contact the vendor. If your question or concern is not handled to your satisfaction, contact the Purchasing Department for assistance, at or 212.229.5323 x3677.

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