Purchase Requisition

Placing an Order: The Purchase Requisition [+]

Steps in Preparing Your Requisition

  • You must complete a Purchase Requisition (PDF) 
  • The form must be typed or printed clearly
  • Budget account number(s) to be charged
  • An authorized signature
  • Delivery address and instructions if your office hours are other than 9am-5pm.
  • Include all essential specifications about the merchandise needed: Quantity, Description, Overall Dimensions, Color and Model/ Item Number.
  • Name of a suggested vendor: Do not encourage any vendor to believe that you are placing or promising an order. You may, however, attach the vendor’s printed quotation or Pro- forma invoice with your requisition. In most cases, the Purchase Order is awarded to the lowest bidder.
  • Date for when items are needed.
  • Forward or fax (229-1827) copy to Purchasing.

If you are faxing the request, do not forward the original. This will eliminate duplicate orders. You may call Purchasing if you need a cost estimate before obtaining authorization, if you are uncertain about product availability, or if you wish to consult our product files.

Please Note: If either the authorized signature or budget account number is omitted, or if there are insufficient funds in the budget account to be charged, the requisition will be returned without processing. Contact your budget officer to reconcile the account. This office cannot make financial transfers.

Processing and Delivery Time [+]

All Purchase Requisitions are processed within one to three business days. Within seven business days, a PDF copy of the purchase order will be forwarded to the individual who requested the products. The processing date appears next to the vendor name on the finalized purchase order.


Other Purchasing Requests [+]

  1.  Planning Future Needs
    In order to devote an adequate amount of time to the development of specifications, the identification of vendors, pricing and timely delivery of goods, we must know of plans that will include purchases of a special or sizable nature. Please contact Purchasing during the planning stages of a major expenditure to get estimates in advance of the written requisition.
  2.  Stationery and Business Cards - New Requests and Revisions
    The New School has established an online relationship with the printing vendor Dupli Envelope & Graphics located in Syracuse, NY, as our dedicated stationery vendor for all of our letterheads, business cards, envelopes etc., - (see Stationery tab for more details).


Contractual Arrangements [+]

    Equipment leases, rentals or service agreements and the renewals of such agreements must be requested with a Purchase Requisition. These types of agreements may only be approved and signed by the Director of Administration of your department. ALL CONTRACTS OVER $10,000.00 MUST BE APPROVED BY THE OFFICE OF FINANCE AND BUSINESS AND OUR LEGAL DEPARTMENT BEFORE ANY GOOD/SERVICE IS ORDERED. The agreement will be forwarded to the company with our Purchase Order.

  1. If a vendor requests a total or partial prepayment before shipment, a check can accompany the Purchase Order. This procedure is undesirable, since we have limited recourse if the merchandise is unacceptable.

    You must indicate the words Partial Pre-Payment or Full  Pre-Payment is required on your purchase requisition. The vendor's quotation indicating this payment type must be included with your purchase requisition in order for Accounts Payable to process it. 
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