Purchasing provides planning services to departments by

  • Assisting with budget forecasting for future expenditures
  • Offering recommendations for products and services
  • Coordinating procurement of goods, services, delivery, and installation

Research and develop sources of supply

  • Create requests for proposals (RFPs) and request for information (RFI) for contract services (e.g., copiers, office supplies, travel, car service, computer equipment, etc.)
  • Negotiate volume discounts
  • Prepare and conduct negotiations with suppliers

Build partnerships with vendors

  • Ensure prompt payment
  • Establish centralized billing
  • Encourage personalized customer service
  • Promote and enforce established legal and ethical policies 

Prospective Vendors 

The New School is committed to building a strong and diverse vendor base. Local and historically disadvantaged suppliers, including those owned by minorities and women, are encouraged to pursue a relationship with the University. 

Code of Conduct

The New School is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in all business dealings, and expects the same from all business partners. All parties engaged in business with The New School are subject to the following terms and conditions dictating the expected code of conduct.

Contact: Purchasing@newschool.edu

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