Periodicals (formerly Second-Class Mail)

Only authorized publishers and registered news agents may mail publications at Periodicals rates. The New School is authorized by the USPS to mail Periodicals (bulletins) at the nonprofit rate under Permit # 382-140. The New School's Periodicals are Subscriber issues (not requester) and receive the lower nonprofit rate.

Unbound Publication [+]

In an unbound publication, the identification statement must be shown conspicuously on one of the first five pages, or if the location of the editorial page is shown in the table of contents on the front page of the publication, it must appear in the masthead on the editorial page.

Bound Publication

In a bound publication (one secured with two or more staples, spiral binding, glue, stitching, or other permanent fastening), the identification statement must be shown conspicuously on one of the last three editorial pages inside the back cover.

Identification Statement [+]

An identification statement, in an easily read type, must be included in all copies of publications, authorized Periodicals mailing privileges and in all copies mailed pending approval of Periodicals mailing privileges.

The identification statement must contain all of the following:

  • The publication title and number. The publication number includes an alpha prefix and must be within parentheses immediately after or below the publication title. The publication number may be on the front or cover page instead of in the identification statement.

  • If an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is assigned, it must appear in the identification statement (e.g., "THE WEEKLY JOURNAL" (ISSN 9876-543X)).
    If an ISSN is not assigned, the USPS number assigned by the RCSC must appear in the identification statement within 90 days after being provided (e.g., "The New School" (USPS 382-140)).

  • The issue date. The date may be omitted if it is on the front or cover page.

  • A statement of frequency, such as "Published eight times a year in March, May, June, July, August, September, October and December.

  • The issue number (e.g., Volume 56, Number 1, August 1998). Every issue of each publication must be numbered consecutively in a series that may not be broken by assigning numbers to issues unavoidably omitted. The issue number may be omitted if it is on the front or cover page.

  • The subscription price, if the publication has one.

  • The name and address of the known office of publication, including street number, street name, and the ZIP+4 or 5-digit ZIP Code (e.g., The New School, 66 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011-8603). The street name and number are optional if there is no letter carrier service. The known office of publication must be clearly distinguishable from the name of other offices of the publication. For foreign publications, the address of the publisher's agent must be shown as the known office of publication.

  • The imprint for The New School bulletins is "Periodicals Postage Paid at New York, NY" or, if mailed at two or more offices, "Periodicals Postage Paid at New York, NY and at additional mailing offices." A notice of pending application is shown instead if copies are mailed while an application is pending: "Application to Mail at Periodicals Postage Rates is Pending at...

To Qualify for the Periodicals eligibility standards, the publication must:

  • Use a serial format of news and information with continuity from issue to issue (continuity is shown by serialization of articles or by successive issues carrying the same style, format, theme, or subject matter)
  • Consist of original or reprinted articles on one topic or many topics, listings, photographs, illustrations, graphs, a combination of advertising and nonadvertising matter, comic strips, legal notices, editorial material, cartoons, or other subject matter
  • Publish at least four issues a year at a stated frequency (the months the bulletin will be published as stated in the ID statement) with the intent to continue publication indefinitely, with these characteristics
  • Have a known office of publication with a physical address where business is conducted during normal business hours.
  • Produce the publication as printed sheets
  • Have the primary distribution of each issue be made before that of each succeeding issue (your January issue must be distributed before your March issue is printed, etc.)
  • Have advertising content, generally up to 75 percent per issue (there is a discount for non-advertising)

The following types of publications also qualify as periodical publications:

  • Any catalog or other course listing (including mail announcements of legal texts that are part of post-bar admission education) issued by any institution of higher education or by a nonprofit organization engaged in continuing legal education.
  • Any looseleaf page or report (including any index, filing instruction, table, or sectional identifier that is part of such report) designed as part of a looseleaf reporting service on developments in the law or public policy.
  • Any transportation guide containing schedules, fares, and related information.

Periodicals Check List:

  • Make sure the Indentification Statement is printed within the first five pages of the inside front or back cover
  • As required by Postal regulations, "The publication title must be shown on the front or cover page in a position and in a type style and size that distinguish the title from the publisher's name or other items." Therefore, make sure "The New School" is the most prominent title on the cover of the Bulletin. "The New School" is the publication name for all five bulletins mailed under permit 382-140, whether it's Eugene Lang College, Milano Graduate School, New School or Graduate Faculty, and must be the most prominent title on the cover.
  • "Parsons" must be the most prominent title on all publications using permit 760-830
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