Business Reply Mail (BRM)

Business Reply Mail (BRM) allows you to receive First-Class mail back from the addressee by paying postage only on the returned mail. For example, if you mail 2,000 pieces and only receive 600 responses, you only pay postage for the 600 returned pieces. This is an option to consider instead of putting postage stamps on envelopes and losing postage on the pieces not returned.

BRM requires a permit from the USPS with an annual fee of $150.00. The BRE (Business Reply Envelope) or BRC (Business Reply Card) must conform to specific BRM design formatting to qualify, including the unique ZIP+4 code assigned by the USPS for our address. Although issued for the same address, BRE and BRC's have different ZIP+4 codes.

Below are the ZIP+4's for The New School, 66 West 12th Street Address:

Oversize Business Reply Envelope 10114-1971
#10 Business Reply Envelope 10114-0059
Business Reply Card 10114-0185
International Business Reply Envelope 10114-1015
International Business Reply Card 10114-1018

There are three BRM payment options:

Please see page 37 of the price list document for the most current payment options.

For additional information on BRM or QBRM mail piece design, please contact Cecil Eversley/Mail Services Manager at extension 5302.

Please Note: ZIP+4 bar code has 52 bars and a delivery point bar code (DPBC) has 62 bars.

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