Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk Mailings [+]

What is bulk mail?

The two most common categories available for bulk mail are First-Class Presort and Standard (formerly Third Class Bulk Mail). First-Class Presort requires 500 pieces minimum, and range in cost per piece from 41.4 cents to 78.9 cents (one to three days delivery time). Standard mail requires 200 pieces minimum or 50 pounds, and range in cost per piece from 13.9 cents to 27 cents (four to ten days delivery time). Please call Mail Services for specific information and postal requirements on Bulk mail.

Shipping Packages [+]

I have a package to send out. What are my options?

The choice among the several options (Chick Chack, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and FALA) depends upon the time sensitivity of the package in question. For urgent, local, same-day service Mail Services uses Chick Chack Messenger Service at 212-244-8577. For overnight service FedEx has the best service available (Priority (next morning), Standard overnight, Economy 2-Day, and 3-day service), for which The New School has a daily 4:00 p.m. pickup in Mail Services at 55 West 13th Street, Lower Level. For ground service (usually delivered next day in NY) UPS offers the best service at a very competitive rate. For less urgent packages or packages going to a P.O. Box, the USPS offers Express Mail (overnight), Priority Mail, and Parcel Post. Please call Mail Services for rates and additional information.

Are there any special details for sending out UPS or FedEx?

A package for shipping via UPS must be securely packaged and sealed, preferably with heavy-duty packing tape. The package must be clearly labeled with the sender's name and address at The New School and the destination address (no P.O. Boxes). It must have the Department's FOAP number for chargeback. Marking the package UPS is recommended. For FedEx, an Airbill must be filled out and attached to the package. Extra details, such as its required date of arrival and insurance requested should be included in a memo firmly attached. THE FOAP NUMBER MUST BE PROVIDED IN THE REFERENCE FIELD.

Can UPS or FedEx deliver to a box number?

UPS and FedEx are privately owned couriers, and cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes. Please use the USPS for P.O. Box addresses.

Is it possible to find out how much my UPS or FedEx shipment costs to send?

Yes. Shipping charges for packages will be provided upon request, please call Mail Services with date of shipment, delivery address and tracking/Airbill number.

Can my shipment be tracked?

Yes. Mail Services keeps a record of your shipment on our computerized online system. We can track your package electronically and provide delivery confirmation upon request.

We have a package that was shipped UPS that has to go back to the vendor. What's the procedure for this?

Your department must contact the vendor to request a UPS Call Tag for UPS to pickup the package free of charge. If the vendor does not issue a Call Tag but provides a RMA return label, your department has to pay the UPS shipping charges.

Receiving Packages [+]

When do packages arrive at the New School?

Overnight packages from UPS and FedEx arrive between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. with a large general UPS delivery between approximately 12:15 - 12:45 p.m. These deliveries cover all New School divisions. Mail Services records and dispatches incoming boxes and large packages to Facilities for delivery. Smaller packages are sent via the regular mail run. Trucking deliveries may occasionally arrive throughout the day. There is one main mail delivery by the Post Office in the morning between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m.

How can I find out if a package has arrived?

Contact Mail Services with the name of the sender and whom it's addressed to, or the tracking number if possible.

I need to track a package delivered to the New School about a month ago. Can this be done?

Yes. Please provide the name of the sender or company of origin, the intended recipient, a description of the package, and if available the courier and tracking number. Mail Services records all packages for which the department is accountable for in its database. Most packages can be tracked within an hour.

Can I receive a personal package at The New School?

No. Mail Services will not be liable for any personal packages received at the university's mailroom, and will not deliver any personal packages.

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