Frequently Asked Questions

Does AP issue checks for all reimbursements?

Employee reimbursement requests below $50.00 should be submitted in person (with photo ID) to the petty cash window near the cashier's office, located at 65 Fifth Ave., ground floor. All reimbursement requests for employees must be submitted on our Employee Advance and Reconciliation Form

Will AP reimburse me for all of my business expenses?

Employees will only be reimbursed for legitimate business expenses after obtaining the appropriate authorized approvals. b. At no time will employees be reimbursed for non-university expenses. c. Taxes will not be reimbursed on expense forms for any individual item that exceeds $100.00. These items should be purchased using university-approved methods such as the Purchase Order System or the Purchasing Card Solution.

What if I have submitted an approved invoice to Accounts Payable and the vendor claims that they have not received the check?

Check your budget in Banner to see if the invoice was processed in Accounts Payable. If it has been processed, allow five business days from the posting date or check to be sent out. If it is not posted, or the five-day period has elapsed, please contact the appropriate Accounts Payable Associate with all pertinent information such as vendor/payee name, invoice number, dollar amount, contact person, and phone number.

Do Accounts Payable Staff handle payroll checks or Student Stipend checks?

No. Payroll issues both payroll and student stipend checks.

What do I do if I submitted an invoice with the wrong FOAP numbers?

Check the Banner system to see if the invoice has been processed as submitted. If it was put through the system and the transaction date on the General Ledger is more than four days old you must process a re-class [Excel]. If it is less than four days old, go to step b. b. If the invoice in question has been submitted to Accounts Payable, but not paid, contact the appropriate Accounts Payable Associate so that the coding can be corrected prior to a check being issued.

Where can I pick up the Request for Independent Services Form?

This triplicate form can be obtained in the mail room at 55 West 13th Street.

Can Accounts Payable make ACH or Wire transfer payments?

Yes. Accounts Payable can make these types of payments, however, the cost of international wires will be billed back to the requesting department.

Does Accounts Payable handle hotel reservations and car rental?

No. Please consult the university travel website.

Does Accounts Payable Purchase Office Supplies?

No. Office supply procurement is handled by Purchasing.

My Department wants to hire an Independent Contractor to perform services for the university. Can the department hire the contractor and submit and invoice upon completion of the work?

No. The IRS views all persons providing services to a company as employees unless proven otherwise. Incorrectly classifying persons as Independent Contractors is a liability for the university. As a result, an individual's status as an "Independent Contractor" must be approved by the Office of Accounts Payable prior to the start of work. The determination will be based on the objective facts in each case. >> Worker Status Questionnaire Process

If however, the person is performing one of the predefined services, as listed on the Request for Independent Services Form, (Guest Lecturer, Substitute Teacher, Panelist, Performer, Critic, Judge), no Accounts Payable pre-authorization is required.

Additionally, licensed individuals providing medical, legal, or architectural services to the university do not need pre-approval by Accounts Payable for Independent Contractor status.

Digital Mailroom Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we sending invoices to the Digital Mailroom?

EDMAmericas is our third-party supplier, located in North Carolina, which is receiving invoices, digitizing and communicating the scanned copy and key data elements into our system. Invoices should be sent only ONCE using ONE of the following methods:

Mailing Address
The New School
PO Box 90519
Raleigh, NC 27675-0519


Email (this is an external email and should not be copied on any other correspondence)

**Please only send ONCE via ONE of the above ways to avoid duplicate invoices being received.

What should I send to the Digital Mailroom?

Send invoices only. You can simply sign and FOAP the invoice before sending.

What should I NOT send?

  • Check Disbursement/Payment Request forms**
  • Independent Contractor forms (continue to submit using the current IC process at
  • Honorarium and Guest Lecturer forms**
  • Employee Expense Reports (should be submitted via Concur). 

  • **These forms can now be submitted electronically via My New Source, TNS's new eProcurement solution. Please contact Gay Florio, director of Procurement and Expense Systems, for access at x3881 or email

    Can I scan a stack of invoices?

    Yes. Please ensure that the invoices are arranged so that they are easily discernible from one another. A blank page separator is suggested for multi-page invoices or invoices with multi-page backup documents. Please do NOT use a cover sheet as an approval for multiple invoices. Each invoice should have its own signature and FOAP indicated on it.

    Please Note:There is approximately a three-day turnaround from the time an invoice is received by EDMAmericas to the time when it's posted in our system. Payment processing by Accounts Payable may take additional time. The New School payment terms of net 30 days will be applied to the invoices for most vendors.

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