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Sociology Student Directory

  • First name Last name Email Degree Area of Study
    Valentina Paz Abufhele Milad PhD
    Barbara Adams PhD
    Gisela Albuquerque PhD
    Guillermina Altomonte PhD Care work, domestic and service labor, feminist theory, cultural economic sociology, sociology of the family, qualitative methods
    Melissa Amezcua PhD
    Tania Aparicio Morales PhD
    Yesenia Aponte-Melendez PhD
    Berfu Aygenc Akman PhD
    Manuela Badilla Rajevic PhD Cultural sociology and political sociology; in particular topics related to symbolic violence, politics of memory, political discourses, transitions to democracy, transitional justice, Latin America.
    Malgorzata Bakalarz PhD
    Scott Beck PhD
    Alissa Boguslaw PhD Political Sociology, Cultural Sociology, State & Institution-Building in Kosovo, Transitional Justice
    Pamela Brown PhD Sociology of Media, Social Construction of Memory, Discourse Analysis, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Art, Museums, Technology, Historical Sociology, History and Sociology of Capitalism
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    Maria Cabrera PhD Material Culture, Fashion, State Socialism, Sociology of Culture, Consumption. Latin America, Cuba, Eastern Europe.
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    Robert Calore PhD
    Zoe Carey PhD
    Fabiola de Lachica Huerta PhD
    Douglas De Toledo Piza PhD My investigation focuses on how globalization shapes spaces. I analyze the international commerce de-regulation in a special economic zone, and the immigration law reforms in the Paraguay-Argentina-Brazil tri-border area. Subfields: Global and Transnational Sociology, Development Sociology, Economic Sociology, Anthropology of the State, and Migration and Mobility Studies. Topics: informal economy, markets, special economic zones, borderlands, and migration.
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    Amanda Delong PhD Sociology of health and illlness, cultures of medicine, reproductive technologies, genetic selves, kinship studies, mental health, biopolitics and medical anthropology. I'm also interested in contagion, networks and epidemics.
    Anton Derosa PhD
    Bahareh Ebne Alian PhD
    Kumiko Endo PhD Contermporary Japan, Economic Sociology, Gender and Courtship, Trust, Risk.
    Nicolas Figueroa Garcia Herreros
    Rezvaneh Ganji PhD Human Rights (social and economic rights), Structural and Political Violence, Global Governance, Economic Sanctions, “social” dimensions of Sustainable Development
    Tamsyn Laura Gilbert PhD Sociology of Art, Digital Sociology, Sociology of Media, New Media Art, Feminism, Cyberfeminism
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    Kiril Glavev PhD
    Emmanuel Guerisoli PhD PhD Candidate, Proposed dissertation title: "Dual State and Multiple-Class Citizens: Extra-legal Institution Building and The Stratification of American Citizenship in the War on Terror"; Committee Members: Andrew Arato (Chair), Carlos Forment, Miriam Ticktin, and Andreas Kalyvas. Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory, Political Sociology, Historical Sociology, Sociology of Violence, Crime and Deviance, State Formation, Sociology of the Rule of Law and the Exception, Citizenship, Law and Society, Revolutions and Political Violence, Democratic Theory, Dictatorships and Authoritarian Regimes, Constitution Making, Sovereignty and Constituent Power, Humanitarianism and Anthropology of Human Rights, Neoliberalism and Sociology of Capitalism, World System Analysis.
    Meredith Hall PhD Attribution as a social and economic process; intellectual property; cultural sociology of the economy; sociology of knowledge; sociology of the media; science and technology studies; social and cultural theory
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    Mario Hernandez PhD I apply critical theory in the study of the sociology of culture. My areas of interest include identity, embodiment, and the genealogies of ideas which inform everyday interaction and the production of "common sense". My emphasis is on the study of sub/counter cultures and new media/social media.
    Teresa Hinds PhD
    Bonnie Ip PhD
    David Janes PhD War memory in Northeast Asia, economic sociology, sociology of education
    Changho Jo PhD
    Sidra Kamran PhD
    Mayuko Kawai PhD
    Aysegul Kayagil PhD
    Andrew Kloppe PhD
    Franziska Konig Paratore PhD
    Karolina Koziura PhD Ethnography of the nation-state; nationalism and everyday ethnicity; urban culture in Central and Eastern Europe (special focus on Ukraine); comparative historical sociology
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    Federico Ledesma Zaldivar PhD Eurocentrism; Philosophy of Liberation, particularly the work of Enrique Dussel; Sociology of Memory; Sociology of Religion; Marxism
    Hay Ding Leung PhD
    Yingjian Liang PhD
    Chih-Yuan Lin PhD
    Lisa Lipscomb PhD
    Anat Livshits PhD Sociology of religion, feminist theory, sociology of family, sociology of culture
    Sai Madivala PhD
    Laura Martin PhD
    Anna Matthiesen PhD
    Ariel Merkel PhD Sociology of disability; sociology of media and culture; institutionalization and mass incarceration
    Zachary Metz PhD My research focuses on the sociological dynamics of intractable, long-term and violent conflict. I am interested in the drivers of intractability, what distinguishes intractable conflict from other types of social stratification, and also the "seams" at which intractability is challenged by people in small, powerful ways reaching across lines of conflict.
    John Michalczyk PhD Sociology of body and embodiment; disability studies; technology
    Olimpia Mosteanu PhD
    Frederico Oliveira PhD
    Sung Choon Park PhD
    David Peppas PhD
    Carlos Pineyro PhD Political Sociology; Migration, Transnationalism; Liberalism and Direct Democracy; Social and Labor Movements, Domestic Workers
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    Robert Proverb PhD Sociology of Disability; area of specialization - autism and mental illness. Sociology of Religion; area of specialization - Japan. Methodological focus: Qualitative. 6 years of research experience in Digital Ethnography at NSSR.
    Jussara Raxlen PhD My dissertation examines how the concept of “care” travels within and across several sites and institutions involved in the provision of paid home care for the “young, infirm, disabled and frail.” Drawing a map of the meanings, practices and classificatory struggles that constitute the field of home care in New York City, the aim is to understand the challenges and possibilities that constrain and enable the city’s care regimes. Areas of study: sociology of culture, sociology of knowledge, classification systems and the politics of knowing; domestic and care work; theories of subjectivity and embodiment; governmentality; and boundary work.
    Tim Rosenkranz PhD My dissertation analyzes processes of national tourism marketing as case of the organizational transformation of the nation-state in global markets. Area of Study: Globalization, Economic Sociology, Organizations, Sociology of Culture.
    Edward Ruggero PhD Social Movements, Environmental Sociology, Economic Sociology, Networks, Subcultures, particularly Punk. Dissertation work centers on the development of an innovative theory of social movements and social change; empirical focus connects US radical politics and social movements, the internal cultural schemas and dynamics of US Punk communities, and the nature and effects of Punk's
    Ayako Sairenji PhD Sociology of Religion, Immigration, Asian Americans (esp. Japanese and Japanese Americans)
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    Harrison Schultz PhD Political sociology, comparative-historical sociology, theory
    Jomal Seligson PhD
    Maija Spurina PhD
    Zachary Sunderman PhD
    Agnes Szanyi PhD
    Bahar Tabakoglu PhD Political and economic sociology, comparative-historical sociology, theory
    Kei Takata PhD
    Hasan Ertug Tombus PhD
    Luis Tsukayama Cisneros PhD
    Zeynep Goyak Utsun PhD
    Lina Villegas PhD
    Taebum Yoo PhD
    Elizabeth Ziff PhD My dissertation focuses on military spouses who have been surrogates for other couples or individuals. My areas of interest are: Reproductive Sociolgy, Sociology of the Family, Intersections of Race, Class and Gender and Quantitative and Qualitative Methods.