Social Research: An International Quarterly

An award-winning journal, Social Research has been mapping the landscape of intellectual thought since 1934. Most issues are theme-driven, combining historical analysis, theoretical explanation, and reportage in rigorous and engaging discussion by some of the world’s leading scholars and thinkers. Articles cover various fields of the social sciences and the humanities and thus promote the interdisciplinary aims that have characterized The New School for Social Research since its inception. Recent issues have focused on such themes as "China in Transition"; "Hanna Arendt's Centenary: Political and Philosophic Perspectives"; "Martyrdom, Self-sacrifice, and Self-denial"; "Fraud"; and "Russia Today."

The conference series, launched in 1988, publishes proceedings of conferences organized by the journal. The conferences aim to enhance public understanding of critical and contested issues by exploring them in broad historical and cultural contexts. Recent conferences have addressed "The Religious-Secular Divide"; "Free Inquiry at Risk: The University in Dangerous Times"; "Disasters: Recipes and Remedies"; "Punishment: The U.S. Record", and "Politics and Science: How Their Interplay Results in Public Policy."

Social Research: An International Quarterly
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