The Anglo-American Marginalists


Supply as Inverse Demand (from Wicksteed, 1914, EJ)

By "Anglo-American marginalists" we are referring to early English and American writers between the 1870s and the 1930s who strayed from the Marshallian and Institutionalist schools which were then dominant in the UK and the US respectively.  Many of those on this list could thus be deemed "followers" of W.S. Jevons in that they adopted the "mathematical" method of reasoning and/or the radical "subjectivism" inherent in Jevons's revolutionary marginalism - thus bringing them closer to the "Continental" traditions of the Lausanne and Austrian schools than any of their homegrown varieties. See also the British Anti-Classicals for a review of some English proto-marginalists and our discussion of the 1930s  L.S.E., the Paretians and the early Chicago School for the continuation of this line in Britain and America.

Anglo-American Proto-Marginalists

The Radical English Marginalists ("Jevonians") 

The "Homegrown" American Marginalists

The "American Walrasians"

The American Psychological School  ("American Austrians")

The Early Chicago School

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