Democracy and Other Studies

The Committee for the Study of Democracy provides a framework for faculty and student initiatives focused on democratization and democracy in the contemporary world. The committee's activities help students to pursue interdisciplinary studies concerned with building and sustaining democratic institutions.

The initiatives taken within the framework of the committee draw on the major interests of The New School for Social Research. These include political and social theories about democracy, studies of international processes that shape politics within many countries, and analyses of regions in which problems of democracy are central for contemporary politics. The latter areas include not only Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, but also the United States and parts of Europe where democratic institutions have been in place for some time. We deal with both empirical and normative problems: foundations of democracy, democratization, constitutional and political design, conflicts among democratic practices, multiple forms of diversity, problems of citizenship, and modes of democratic political action.

The Committee for the Study of Democracy draws on the work of members of several departments at The New School for Social Research and enlists the active cooperation of a number of international associates. Two centers at the school are the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies and the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility

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