Beth Israel Practicum(2)

Term: Spring 2013

Subject Code: GPSY

Course Number: 6902

This doctoral-level practicum is designed to provide students a rich experience in the areas described below in the setting of a major metropolitan hospital, Beth Israel Medical Center:


  1. Clinical diagnostic assessments and clinical interviewing skills with the aid of structured and semi-structured interviews, such as the Structured Clinical Interview for the DSM-IV (SCID) and the AAI, among others;
  2. Clinical experience in providing individual therapy on an outpatient basis, under close clinical supervision within 2 discrete modalities of psychotherapy: cognitive behavioral therapy and brief relational therapy; and
  3. Research experience by participation as therapists in an NIMH-funded psychotherapy process study that explores key components of therapeutic action and psychotherapy outcome.

In addition to the applied clinical and research components, the practicum also has as a key objective to enrich the doctoral students’ foundational theoretical knowledge through a bi-monthly Clinical and Research Seminar (CARS).  The seminar draws on nationally and internationally renowned authors, clinicians and researchers from the New York City area to share their expertise on theories and techniques, and research with different clinical populations and from a wide spectrum of theoretical orientations. 

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