Term: Summer 2012

Subject Code: GPOL

Course Number: 5028

This seminar provides an intensive overview of approaches to theorizing, conceptualizing, and studying power in the social sciences. The seminar pairs an exploration of contemporary theoretical debates about power with empirical case studies drawn from political science, sociology, and anthropology that illuminate -and interrogate-the capacity of these debates to structure concrete explorations of power in the social world. Seminar participants will have the opportunity to create and execute a research design that explores power in a setting of interest to them. Authors read include, among others, Mills, Dahl, Bachrach and Baratz, Lukes, Gaventa, Willis, Scott, Hayward, Roe, Tsing, Milgram, Bauman, Flyvbjerg, Foucault, Connolly, Bartky, Young, Fraser, Allen, and Butler.

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