Contemporary Approaches to 21st Century Publishing

Term: Fall 2012

Subject Code: GLIB

Course Number: 5831

As students prepare to enter the 21st century job market, it is more important than ever that they establish a strong foundation in practical domain knowledge to effectively navigate an ever-shifting new media landscape. Taking full advantage of The New School's location in the heart of downtown New York, this course will provide students with the opportunity to engage in a series of rigorous, inquiry-driven forums both in the classroom and on location led by a diverse selection of industry leaders and innovators who are actively reshaping today's publishing landscape. Guests include top publicists, marketers, agents, editors, publishers, authors, entrepreneurs and book sellers hailing from small and large scale media organizations such as The New Yorker, Gawker Media, Penguin Press, n+1, McSweeney's, Verso, The New Press, The New York Times, Creative Commons, Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere. Topics to be covered include: the state and future of small magazines on and offline, web-based community building, alternative approaches to independent press publishing, shifting structures in mainstream publishing houses, digital marketing and publicity, bookstores and online vendors, emerging career paths for editors, authors and critics, the economics of "free," and business models in transition.

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