The Economics of the European Union

Term: Fall 2012

Subject Code: GECO

Course Number: 5420

This course addresses political and economic issues of the European Union (EU). The topics covered include the political, social and economic motivations for establishing the EU, a brief historical review, the institutional framework of the EU, the process of decision making, the objectives and achievements of single-market idea concept, and strategies to EU enlargement. In addition to these more general issues, specific policy-making questions, which take a prominent role in the current economic and political debate, will be discussed. Among them are agriculture, environmental policy, energy and climate policies, the monetary union and the euro, and the role of the EU in globalized markets. Finally, the recent financial crisis and its consequences, the current debt crisis, regulatory reactions to these crises attempting to improve financial stability as well as budgetary soundness together with other current topics will be discussed.

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